reason & purpose

There’s a reason to be here.
True, the oceans are teetering toward collapse. Our petroleum splurge of the last hundred has set the world’s climate dangerously off-kilter. Brilliant creatures we’re only just discovering are disappearing daily across the planet.
As international conflicts over the last of the “cheap” oil are heating up, our most valuable resource — our children — are growing up in toxic environments in San Antonio, Laredo, and El Paso.
Does this sound despairing? Al contrario.
What better time to be alive, since the dead can affect nothing here.
Our purpose, yours and mine, is defined too well.
Here’s to the next hundred years.
Here’s to seeing the changes we’ve been dying for.

Oh, and welcome to harman on earth. Where I will try to keep links to my writings and blog as I am inspired. Be sure to check out those on my blogroll. Come, linger, go. But stay inspired. Keep connected.
Greg Harman

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