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CEO Crane

NRG CEO David Crane speaking with an expensive Fortune haircut — no, not about why his company’s heads are dumping their company shares — about why clean coal and nukes are The Answer. Of course, there is “just conservation and

efficiency,” but that’s not the game he’s in. There is wind and solar, but Crane eschews renewables as, at best, a 5 percent generating solution.

Meanwhile, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced this week that they are almost ready to start denying Texans standing in contested case hearings on the company’s license application for two new reactors at the South Texas Nuclear Project.

Down-gradient from the would-be Goliad uranium mine, the Victoria Advocate is kicking around the idea of not only uranium tailings swirling into their water supply but a pitch for another nuke plant down-coast from San Antonio/NRG’s STNP.

Rest at ease, the Excelon Corp. flack says on the issue of terrorism and nukes.

“There is not another kind of industrial facility in the world today that is harder than a nuclear plant,” he said. “The next generation of nuclear plants will be even more hardened against that kind of attack because they’re in the design phase now.”
Nuclear plants have three layers of security, he said. They include heavily armed, paramilitary forces, electronic detection devices and multiple barriers to repel ground attacks.
“Why would a terrorist attack the most hardened target?” he asked.

Um, as to the electronic detection, barriers, and black-suited paramilitary types: I’m sure they’ll work wonders against an in-bound passenger plane ala Twin Towers. And that insincere ‘why’ question? Well, maximum damage and chaos come to mind.

But that whole tack leads us away from the unavoidable nuclear risks, which are reason enough on their own for resistance.

For more on the topic of ‘nukes as climate solution’ there’s an interesting discussion to be found online from a recent Society of Environmental Journalists panel.

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