salida: la entrada

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I can’t really say the petition is losing steam, since it is, after all, just getting started. But I do need to say that while I enjoy seeing activists from Greece, Japan, and California putting their marks against the state’s consideration of a slow smoggy death for Texas’s most pristine and awe-inspiring region, to kill La Entrada Al Pacifico will take many, many Texas names and it will take Texas-based action.

If you haven’t signed on yet visit the Petition Site and commit your Lone Star X. If you aren’t acquainted with TxDOT’s OTHER lame-brained notion (as if there were only two) that puts non-existent commercial needs ahead of thriving communities, you can try on my colorful item from the San Antonio Current or hit up those on the ground floor at the Big Bend Sentinel (Sterry Butcher did a knock-down, bang-up job for the Texas Observer a few months back). And then there are the honorable folks behind Stop the Trucks ready and willing to help co-opt bad planning.

While you’re at it, stop by and thank the Reviva Collective for throwing in with the resistance contra La Entrada. Welcome to the Big Bend. Thanks for the petition drive.

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