eat your acorns

story of stuff graphic
No. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a car with this woman for any typical West Texas jaunt. Not that she has an annoying pitch (she doesn’t). She looks clean (likely not a stinker in the cabin). It’s just that she’s so damn right — and she’s so damn right so darn fast.

In The Story of Stuff, writer and narrator Annie Leonard exposes how and why our global system of production and consumption is twisted in the most insidious ways.

So, hold onto your toxics-laden laptop for a 20-minute ride across the industrial production cycle and enlighten yourself as to why recycling will never be enough (hint: 70 cans of materials to make 1 can on your curbside, according to Leonard) and what’s up with breast milk these days.

When you’ve had your fill of Leonard and feel ready to opt out of the shopper’s existence, try a day without the market. Divert yourself with other entertainments: make a comic strip, majic-marker your toenails, watch the clouds (or traffic), read something (non-electric), heck: write something!

If you just don’t think you can last the day, go outside and gather something: like pecans or acorns (*you can eat them!). Feel the natural gatherer you once were.

Then make something.

Here are some good acorn recipes to get you started.

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