racist wall stink

wired extinction image

Wired Magazine has fun this issue resurrecting the “bizarre” beasts of yore.

As much as I enjoyed pawing my way through dinosaur books as a kid, I can recognize how fascinating it can be to gawk at evolution’s stunning array — particularly those we never had a chance to meet.

However, it is far more important to continue heralding the global mass extinction underway right now, thanks (primarily) to loss of habitat around the globe and a changing climate.

While development in Brazil or China may feel beyond our ability to influence (it’s not, if you choose to engage), it is happening right here, too.

In fact, anyone who watched The Story of Stuff on my last post likely understands even more acutely how our lifestyles here influence habitat destruction worldwide.

One monstrosity, sure to impact the future welfare of black bears in the Big Bend, ocelots in South Texas, and jaguars in Arizona, is Homeland Security’s Border Wall.

Scanning online chatter this morning, I found that many of us have justified the loss already: suggesting the jaguar is really a “Mexican” cat and, hence, the responsibility of Mexicans; or that Homo Sapiens Americanus (no such species, friends) has a higher evolutionarily value than that of other human “species.”

On Environmentalgraffiti I found this bit of racist and inhuman belligerence:

Artfulife posted:
While I am sympathetic to the plight of these cats (I love cats and have 5 of my own), I am more concerned about the human species, and the American one in particular. The fence may not be 100% effective in a physical way, but hopefully it will begin to send a message. We need to protect our country from the myriad of attacks from outsiders and especially those looking for nefarious ways to infiltrate our borders. Build the fence, staff it with armed guards, shoot anyone who tries to cross it and bury them in the desert.

I repost it here only so show that self-professed sensitive people (note ‘artfulife’ claims to be a sympathetic cat owner), can also fall victim to the worst forms of racist fear that threatens to decimate South Texas and tear our country apart.

What could possibly be behind a pathology that allows a human being to care for a kitten on one hand but urge bullets and graves for fellow humans? It’s a pathology that even the Sierra Club has not been immune to.

Having worked with Animal Rights folks myself, I found a disturbing lack of regard for humanity that bordered on the ugliest expressions of misanthropism. It seems to me that if we cannot love humanity in the very least as a truly remarkable expression of nature whatever our collective failures (even engineering apocalypse), we have no chance of changing our current destructive course.

While some would argue we don’t deserve to escape what appears today unavoidable, I feel extraordinarily ill-qualified to cast such judgments. I only intuitively know that just as our individual nature is to live and breathe, we should fight to establish those same rights for others whenever they are challenged. We are not at an either-or point. It’s a tipping point for us all.

One response to “racist wall stink

  1. this is awesome greg — the border wall freaks me out to no end. and that’s just thinking of the people; surprisingly (to myself) until i read this i hadn’t really thought of the impact it will have on the animal species that cross the river on a regular basis. i can’t understand how anyone could think the wall is a good idea.

    as always, your writing is thought provoking (and delightful).

    thank you.


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