wall travels

river flatsChertoff y Co. aren’t slowing. Every day seems to bring word of new lawsuits on the border, and increasing efforts of resistance. It’s only been a few days on the River, but I have yet to meet a supporter of the erection of a wall between Texans and our Mexican neighbors. No one outside the green uniform of Border Patrol, at any rate.

And so as I switch gears to explore this massive humanitarian, ideological, and ecological gaffe, I am preparing a blog dedicated to the fence, the wall, and my week(s) under construction’s shadow.

Rick LoBello at Iloveparks.com asks:

Why after over 160 years of peaceful relations with Mexico are we building a wall on our southern border? How will that wall impact places like Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park in Texas and Organ Pipe National Monument, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge and Sonoran Desert National Monument in Arizona? Those questions and others are on the minds of millions of people who are facing the hard reality of a US Mexico border wall that some people are calling the biggest US Government blunder since the war in Iraq. Many Texas officials are calling the wall the “wall of shame.

Others have appropriated more challenging rhetoric, including Mudo del Odio, the Wall of Hate. That’s where I’m gravitating toward. And so this skeptic moves closer to the river as the Fence moves closer to each of us. (Murodelodio, to launch soon.)

Even if the wall is a ruse, even if it is simply the rising form of Middle America’s careening impotence on display here beginning to modify the Borderlands and it has no affect on immigration and drug flows as many predict… Well, all the more reason to split it apart and see what spills out.

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