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South Texas Opposes Pollution (STOP) and the Coastal Bend Sierra Club are sponsoring a teach-in on uranium mining in Kingsville on May 17. The course will be led by Dr. Richard Abitz (resume clip below), who has worked for years on problems related hazardous and radioactive contamination.

The stated course objective is to help regional residents better understand what uranium is, where it comes from, how it is mined, and what happens when it is dissolved in water –– like your drinking water (nodding to Goliad).

There is no charge for attendance. Or for the radium upswells.

Saturday, May 17
9 am – 2:30 pm
St. Gertrude’s Catholic Church Parish Hall
400 E. Caesar
Kingsville, Texas

For more information, contact Dr. Mark Walsh at 361.595.1265 or electronically at markwalsh1934@yahoo.com

On Abitz:

richard abitzDr. Abitz is a geochemist with over eighteen years of experience in the environmental services sector of private and government organizations. His broad experience encompasses project and personnel management, analysis of chemical and radiological data, modeling of soil/water systems and radioactive waste streams with experimental methods and geochemical computer codes, risk assessment, and development of work plans for CERCLA and RCRA sites. His technical expertise includes the application of geochemical principles, experimental methods, and computer models to problems involving the solubility and mobility of hazardous and radioactive elements in the environment, evaluation of environmental and human risk associated with exposure to contaminants in air, soil and water media, remediation techniques for waters and soil contaminated by hazardous and radioactive wastes, and the design and treatment of mixed and radioactive waste streams.

As an environmental consultant, Dr. Abitz has used his management skills and knowledge of geochemical processes to perform and complete project work on a number of high profile milestones. For the Navajo Nation, he serves as a technical expert and has evaluated the geochemistry of proposed in situ uranium mining in the Church Rock and Crownpoint areas of New Mexico, and he supported the Navajo EPA in their evaluation of water quality at the United Nuclear Corporation superfund site in Church Rock. At the Fernald, Ohio superfund site, Dr. Abitz was the site geochemist responsible for the integration of technical tasks associated with preparing sampling plans, collecting soil, water and air samples, data validation, data analysis and modeling, in situ measurements for 226Ra, 232Th, and 238U activity using sodium iodide and high-purity germanium detectors, developing an estimate of the Curie inventory in the on-site disposal cell (OSDF), preparation of the residual risk assessment and soil certification reports. He also served the Fernald site as a senior consultant to the DOE Technology Development Program and managed active research projects at several universities. These projects included laboratory studies on the mobilization and removal of radionuclides and metals from soil/water systems, including the passive removal of uranium from groundwater using inorganic and organic systems.

Dr Abitz also has extensive experience at other DOE sites. At Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), he developed waste analysis and radioactive material management plans for transuranic and low-level mixed wastes generated, treated, and stored on site. For the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL), Dr. Abitz evaluated the waste characterization program for high-level radioactive and hazardous waste processed at the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant (ICPP). Dr. Abitz also directed geochemical studies at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) that evaluated the composition and origin of saline groundwater and brine in the vicinity of and within this underground repository for transuranic waste.


Then for those of you with the will and means to travel…

Here’s the latest from NIRS:

National Activist Summit on Nuclear Waste
May 30 — June 1, 2008
Columbia, South Carolina

NIRSWe as a community say “stop making more” radioactive waste since we understand that the failure to find a real solution to this problem is the failure of the technologies that produce it; We as a community demand responsible management of radioactive waste; We stand firm against false “solutions;” We reject the idea that this waste should be exported — to Indigenous Lands — or anywhere else; We call for better security and improved management and containment where ever the waste is now; We focus on the hazards of transporting radioactive waste and materials — particularly in the case of irresponsible, false “solutions…” it is time for us to come together — to find and re-affirm that “We” — in the sense of The People, in the sense of impacted communities — and essentially as activists.


Dr. Frank von Hippel will speak on Friday May 30 on the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership and reprocessing with a panel including Steve Frischman, Kevin Kamps and Diane D’Arrigo

Dr. Arjun Makhijani will speak on Sunday June 1 on his Carbon Free and Nuclear Free: a Roadmap for US Energy Policy

Saturday we will share our stories and have 8 — 10 options for information workshops — as well as time to think together about nuclear waste in the context of the industry’s effort to “come back” in both the commercial and military sectors.

For event schedule, costs (as low as $15 if you stay off-site OR total of $110 with 2 nights and 5 meals) and registration page (note: registration is required). Please visit us for more info or register online.

This event was born in a moment at a ‘break-out’ session of a conference on Precautionary Action in Greensboro, NC in November 2007 — and is being carried forward by a planning group* including participation from:

Bobbie Paul — Atlanta WAND
David Kraft — Nuclear Energy Information Service
Debbie Grinnell — C-10
Diane D’Arrigo — Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Glenn Carroll — Nuclear Watch South
Janet Marsh — Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
Judy Treichel — Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force
Kevin Kamps — Beyond Nuclear
Leslie Minerd
Liz Veazy — Southern Energy Network
Mary Olson — NIRS Southeast
Rochelle Becker — Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility
Sara Barczak — Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Sara Tansey — South Carolina Alliance for Sustainable Campuses and Communities
Susan Corbett — Sierra Club, South Carolina Chapter
Tom Clements — Friends of the Earth

* This list now also includes cosponsoring organizations — and I am sure more will be added — please be in touch if your group wants to cosponsor!

Note: due to industry attempts to participate in recent events intended for activists, there will be a pre-registration process. This event is open to all who are working positively for the end of the production of more radioactive waste (stop making it)!

Mary Olson
Southeast Regional Coordinator
NIRS Southeast Office
PO Box 7586 Asheville, NC 28802
828-675-1792 nirs@main.nc.us

Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS)
6930 Carroll Ave, Suite 340, Takoma Park, MD 20912
301-270-NIRS fax 301-270-4291 nirsnet@nirs.org http://www.nirs.org

NIRS affiliated with World Information Service on Energy (WISE) in 2000 — the NIRS / WISE Network serves grassroots activists on 5 continents

This is NIRS’ 30th anniversary year: Help kick off our next 30 years, and our work to build a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy future, with your most generous contribution possible. Please make your tax-deductible donation here.

And if you haven’t done so yet, don’t forget to sign the statement on nuclear power and climate at http://www.nirs.org (but please don’t sign more than once!). If you’ve already signed, ask your friends and colleagues to sign!

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