goliad countdown

There is still time to raise a stink about UEC’s plans to mine an unconfined drinking-water aquifer in Goliad County for uranium.

Just received the following from Goliad Economic Development (they have a way of capitalizing that just so works!):


Goliad, TX – June 23, 2008

At Goliad Commissioner’s Court meeting on Monday, the Commissioners discussed recent developments with the proposed in-situ leach mining permit UR 03075 by Uranium Energy Corporation to mine for uranium in Goliad County. They also discussed the next steps in the ongoing permitting process.

According to TCEQ staff attorney, the technical review of the application has been completed and the draft permit has been prepared but the permit has not been issued. In the TCEQ Notice of Preliminary Decision dated June 17, 2008, UEC has also submitted a request to designate an exempted aquifer. The public notice has been mailed and will be published in the local newspaper. This notice also contains information on the aquifer exemption.

    “An aquifer or portion of an aquifer may be designated as exempted if IT DOES NOT CURRENTLY SERVE AS A SOURCE OF DRINKING WATER FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION AND IT WILL NOT IN THE FUTURE SERVE AS A SOURCE OF DRINKING WATER FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION because it is mineral, hydrocarbon or geothermal energy bearing with production capability. The aquifer exemption is required before UEC can operate the proposed injection wells. UEC requested that a portion of the Goliad Formation be designated as an exempt aquifer. The requested exemption would apply from a depth of 45 to 404 feet and would extend over the approximately 423.8 acre area covered in Goliad County under the proposed injection well area permit.”

The public will have 30 days to comment on the draft permit and the aquifer exemption.

During this comment period, additional public comments may be submitted or an additional public meeting may be requested. Details of the comment procedures and also how to request a contested case hearing are included in the Notice of Application mailed and published in the newspaper.

If you have any questions on the permit process or the comment procedures, please contact your local commissioner or the Uranium Research and Advisory Committee (Raulie Irwin 645-2115).

Nuke watchers may want to add this website to their list: Uranium Watch.

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