life review


every small token kept becomes new and precious when unpacked, held, and considered.

some of my favorite small things so easily lost…

Terrier in rubber.

Sea turtle in plaster.

Interdimensional visitor.

Wacky vampire bat.

I used to look forward to unpacking my books at the end of a move. But the tomes have been trumped by these smallest of sincerities — giftings from mi hija.

Unpacking — especially when you are a Keeper of Files, such as myself — has an aura of life review about it. Old letters, fines, charms, fall from hidden pockets, knocking me on your my ass.

I’ve been rummaging through the years past two days. Rediscovering a lot of good people and well-wishes I should have returned at the time with gusto. It’s why i used to want to write a book, just to let each of you know: I remember.

You don’t know who you are, but I’ll be grateful always.

And a want ad for you door-knockers out there…



  • Implement field and outreach strategies in your target communities, including grassroots lobbying actions and candidate “bird-dogging.”
  • Generate local media coverage
  • Build coalitions among allies and nontraditional constituencies to grow broad community support
  • Develop and execute direct actions in targeted areas to draw attention to the need for federal global warming action


  • 1-2 years organizing experience in electoral, issue and/or legislative campaigns.
  • Willingness to travel throughout the state
  • Experience engaging and motivating volunteers.
  • Experience working collaboratively with other organizations with diplomacy.
  • Enjoy working under pressure, under deadline, and can think on your feet.
  • Work well independently, as part of a geographically dispersed team.


SALARY / BENEFITS: It is a 1-year position, with possibility of extension. Competitive salary range in the low to mid thirties or higher depending on qualifications.

Please send your resumes and questions to both and

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