what am i doing here?


It’s been another Mission Verde week.

My thoughts on Mayor Phil Hardberger’s challenges in getting community and political buy-in on his city sustainability plan are shared at the SACurrent.

Post publication, I’m studying up on water issues. Checking out the roots of San Antonio’s water quality concerns at the library today  and ran across this truly gruesome story about mad doctor who boiled down several Comanches in a soap boiler for their skeletons, flushing their liquified remains into the city’s drinking-water canal in the middle of the night.

It was 1840. The actions were pretty reflective of the European scientific community’s attitudes about Native Americans at the time. I guess the canal was the most expedient mode of disposing of these people.

But back on Verde, a solitary comment rolled up on me:

It doesn’t bother me that Hardeburger [sic] wants to go Green….it does bother me some that it’s going to cost the equivilent of 2 police officers and 2 firefighters this year.

What REALLY bothers me is that Hardeburger [sic] and his cronies seem to think that there’s nobody in San Antonio who can teach them Green, or no colleges or universities that they can grant to get the same thing as hiring some schuck like Jeremy Rifkin.

Strange that the only paper in town actually tracking Verde progress provokes but a single comment. That it doesn’t even register on the site’s top content. Pretty demoralizing. (Is low blood sugar generating oversensitivities?)

We’ve got tons of blogging going up at the paper’s site as we begin to put greater emphasis on our online efforts. Which leads me to a conundrum: What to do with harman on earth?

Am I burnt out with all the extra work blogging? Certainly not interested in copying and pasting my QueBlog posts over to hoe.

Over the past year of blogging on this site, I would routinely reserve my more wonkish thoughts for hoe, and all those roaming, international green-energy and sustainability developments, but I am finding my steam limited.

Any thought out there? If my local political observations are property of QueBlog what is to become of this space?

Is hoe destined to become another sporadically updated online confessional, or a stationary resume holder? Rather insert the high-velocity bullet.

Is this jig up?

Why am I asking you?

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6 responses to “what am i doing here?

  1. Don’t we have an awesome sustainability guy here in San Antonio that runs Build San Antonio Green? Maybe they should tap on his shoulder and see if he’s up to do some teaching to the council. I’ve heard nothing but good things about him. Stephen Colley is the man I’ve heard about, but I’m sure there are quite a few people on that team that could help.


    • Colly is a great architect. Head of BSAG, part of the Metropolitan Partnership for Energy, Anita is a gem, too. Both are very involved in the buildings part of MV. There are dozens of folks working on this vision. However, Verde starts with transformation our power grid system. Changing the city’s power structure and functioning requires another level of professional. That’s why Hardberger and others want this international team. What’s up with Rifkin and Company.


  2. Burned out? C’mon, can’t imagine why.

    My two cents on h.o.e.: Don’t delete it, save it as a resource for the rest of us even if you’re not posting to it regularly. You’ll come back someday or at some point, there will be something you want to blog about that doesn’t seem appropriate for the Current’s blog.

    ‘Course this is all written out of regret. I deleted a blog when I got sick of posting to it, and then six months later started basically the exact same blog again…

    I know blog readers can be fickle, but we’ll wait for you.


  3. The thing to remember about SA is that the vast majority of the people who reside within its city limits are Spanish or Mexican and Hardberger is a North SA
    white guy… When the Esperanza Ctr went to the city council about the new ordinance costing people to gather at the behest of the City Council, Hardberger was heard to tell his assistant that he didn’t want that group in the city chambers again… This is a guy that is married to Linda Hardberger (The first curator at the McNay museum who now runs Green Spaces Allliance) and who is the grandfather of two kids by the Hollywood guy T.L.Jones… I remember that
    Linda Hardberger ran the concession stand at the Witte before she married Hardberger and also that Hemisfair was sold to the citizens of SA as the campus for the future University of Texas…. Ha! Since I attended Edison, Garner and Ft. Sam Elementary before such things existed, I remember that The powers that be (Red McCombs got the food concession) moved Brackenridge’s house from the Hemisfair park to IWU and also dozens of others…
    The thing to remember is that blacks were not allowed
    to use Hemisfair – the reason that they didn’t have any entrances on the Eastern side of the park, and now Hardberger wants to put condos and strip shopping centers there… I was at the 1974 meeting of the Council that heralded the beginnings of COPS and amazed that the end result is Mary Alice Cisneros who recently got caught trying to sell the Mercado and La Villita to the family behind Mi Tierra… Give me a break!
    -Sal DiGiacomo


  4. agree with Laura. need this blog and as journo student who works for dying san antonio newspaper (yes, predictions are ex-news building will be top dollar condos in less than ten years), it’s a lesson learned for those interested in starting online blog/community such as yours which is top-notch lesson for how-to. incudes sources and resume (great lesson), and yes, sometimes your opinion creeps in, but hey, it’s a new medium that gets people conversing (whther they agree or not) much, err, faster (?) than print. one upside to digital media? i think so. just bare with us readers who don’t read regularly enough (we’ll be back) or maybe can’t always afford interent (remember, journalism and student both = poor.)


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