texas ozone & limping monarchs


So, you’ve been looking over the World Wildlife Fund’s Top 10 endangered (highly charismatic) species of 2010 and seeing all those big (mostly) cuddly (looking) products of co-evolution in need has got you down?

Maybe you can’t leap out there and save the disappearing Javan Rhino, but if you’re in Texas there’s a limping migration you can help set aright — right now!

Read: Monarch crash has roots in U.S. suburbs, farms — not just Mexican damp. Then make with the milkweed.

Also, a belated welcome to Ozone Season! Check out the new clean-air resistance in Air Wars: AACOG, Bexar fight EPA’s proposed tightening of air regs.

I’ll be up in Austin next weekend making happy over the state Sierra Club’s decision to recognize myself and a clutch of other earth-adoring San Antonians at their annual awards dinner. If you can make it, it’d be all the merrier.

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