Personal Update: Reorienting

magnetic earf

I left my position as editor of the San Antonio Current at the end of last year. My reasoning for the move was manifold, but chiefly hinged on my inability as a manager to engage deeply with the issues that most concerned me. That frustration grew in tandem with the urgency of the headlines decrying our mutual inability to take decisive action on climate change, biodiversity collapse, and the death of our oceans. The number of projects I aspired to tackle wasn’t shrinking as my hours were eaten up with billing, budgets, and the production of special supplements, including semi-annual dining and drinking guides.

Now that I’m loose, however, I find that project number one is a longer-form investigation of evolving health care practices in light of Western medicine’s reluctant embrace of once “alternative” therapies. The project is inspired by my own significant struggles with severe depression and anxiety and is both a divergence from my years of deeply environmental work as well as my first biographical effort. I’ll bring updates to this site as they develop. Hopefully I’ll be hawking a new book on you before too long.

Until then, things will be quiet at Harman on Earth. I’ll be wishing every one of you involved in solving our biosphere’s mounting challenges (people, people, people) deep satisfaction and peace as well as the energy to continue the fight. Those of you doing otherwise, well: I wish you a very troubled conscience. And acne. Lots of acne.

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