Border Wall: Which Side (Of The Fence) Are You On?

u.s.-mexico border

It’s been five years since I traveled the Rio Grande across Texas for my project, Muro del Odio, on the then proposed border wall. Thankfully others continue to fight the wall and continued militarization of the border by raising public awareness.

Here’s one of the latest such efforts offering some July Fourth considerations. Appears to have screened in Houston, Austin, and Fredericksburg this year. San Antonio, anyone?

Southmost USA introduces itself this way:

A journey through Brownsville, Texas on the 4th of July, introducing a community divided by the US border fence. While local residents prepare for the 4th of July parade, picnics, and fireworks, they reflect on their frustrations with the fence, discussing the many repercussions it has on their safety, property rights, families and freedom, as well as what the fence means for America.

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