CPS Energy Rate-Hike Hearing, Climate Change, & Keystone XL Protest

Upcoming and imminent events related to the sustainable path in San Antonio…


Public hearing on CPS Energy’s proposed rate hike

The first in what is likely to be a series of rate hikes in San Antonio by CPS Energy gets an airing at a public hearing tonight. Here’s CPS CEO Doyle Beneby’s defense of the request and the Express-News‘ endorsement of it. There are those, however, who hope to force the utility to do more for the community before upping their charges again.

A coalition of groups operating under the banner of Reenergize San Antonio are holding a press conference minutes before tonight’s hearing to present their case.

A coalition press release stating that the increase will “unfairly burden residential taxpayers” urges increased energy efficiency goals and implementation of a tiered rate structure that will help discourage higher levels of energy consumption, among other things.

The hearing is being held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the YMCA TriPoint Center.

The Re-Energize San Antonio Coalition includes Energia Mia, The Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, People’s Power Coalition, Sustainable Energy and Economic Development (SEED) Coalition, Public Citizen’s Texas office, and the Sierra Club.

September 16:

A talk on climate change communication, organizing, adapting

On September 16, the SOL Center hosts the talk “Preparing for the Effects of Climate Change: Communicating, Organizing, & Adapting.” It is introduced this way: “How many more Sandys and Katrinas can we afford in human and economic costs? How can we talk effectively to each other in order to organize on a nonpartisan basis to address this threat to all humanity? How can we help our communities be ready for the inevitable extreme weather events?”

WHAT: An evening discussion of facts, figures and policies to understand and prepare for the effects of Climate Change
WHEN:  September 16, 7-9 p.m.
WHERE: University Presbyterian Church, 300 Bushnell.
COST:  $15, 
scholarships available

Register by visiting or by calling (210) 732.9927.

September 21:

Demonstration against the Keystone XL pipeline

Gather at historic San Pedro Springs Park (second oldest park in the United States and tied to our major source of water, the Edwards Aquifer, and where the city of San Antonio had its beginnings). We will “Draw a Line” using a long piñata shaped like a pipeline. We’ve a piñata craftswoman on our crew! This is a family friendly event. Children will be invited to break the pipeline piñata to say No to Keystone XL. The piñata will release seeds (to plant native wildflowers) for a green, fossil-fuel free future. Gather at 10 a.m. , Saturday, September 21. Piñata at 11 a.m. Wrap up by noon.

For more on this international and inter-tribal effort, see