Voices: #SATX Energy Transfer action

Juan Mancias, Carrizo/Comecrudo tribal chair, outside Energy Transfer offices today in San Antonio, Texas.

Around 20 area residents gathered outside Energy Transfer Partners offices in San Antonio, Texas, today to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux in their struggle against the Dakota Access pipeline. Dallas-based ETP is a majority partner in the project along with Sunoco Logistics, whose Nederland, Texas, refinery is the expected endpoint of that Bakken shale crude.

Here, I speak with Juan Mancias, tribal chair of the Carrizo/Comecrudo tribe here in South Texas, Anayanse Garza, co-founder of Vecinos de Mission Trails, and Jesse Mancias, a Vietnam veteran. Juan and cousin Jesse Mancias are just returned from the Sacred Stone Camp encampment outside Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

Here is event organizer Daryn Ocean-Sun Rinterra: