Standing Rock: AIM Central Texas carrying supplies north


Pete Hefflin* and Frankie Orona check on supplies before getting on the road with a half dozen others from Texas. Image: Greg Harman

A group from American Indian Movement, Central Texas chapter, pulled out of San Antonio last night with two trailers and a truck bed full of supplies for the water protectors’ Sacred Stone encampment at Standing Rock. Piles of tents and sleeping bags, camp stoves and cots, mostly collected by Austin volunteers, were strapped down under silver and blue tarps to help those gathered to prepare for colder weather.

Even as the group pulled out of the driveway, there was reminder that they’d be back to take up extraction fights in Texas, including a Defend Big Bend solidarity march opposing the Trans-Pecos pipeline, another Kelsy Warren production. “They try to pigeonhole us into one spot,” said Shauna Prieto of Houston. “But it’s any spot. We’re just trying to protect the water.”


Members of AIMCTX and Standing Rock supporters prepare for goodbyes on Thursday night. Image: Greg Harman

A prayer for safe travels from Orona:



Pete Hefflin’s actual name is Pedro Rabago Gutierrez, as his March 2017 arrest revealed.


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  1. I am glad to hear that supplies are being sent. This will be a situation that DAPL will drag out for a long while. I made a monetary donation to the Sacred Stone campsite and the legal defense fund earlier. Thank you, Greg.

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