{FAKE NEWS} Doctor Breaks Silence on Trump’s Brain Infection {FAKE NEWS}

President-Elect Trump speaking at a press conference. Credit: AP.

Link to rumored venereal disease could make condition untreatable!

Donald Trump’s contentious ride to the White House is all but over, but the debate over his medical fitness for office may be just beginning.

On Monday, hundreds of members of the Electoral College in states across the country made official the vote of citizens from Alaska to Florida. And while the day was marked with protests being held around the nation urging Republican delegates to switch their votes, in the end only two broke with the voters—half the number of Democrats who bolted from Clinton. Five Clinton-pledged delegates cast protest votes for Bernie Sanders, Faith Spotted Eagle, and Colin Powell.

Yet, by the time Melania Trump holds up a Bible before her husband in January for him to swear on, Trump may yet be found unsuitable by the U.S. Congress. This verdict may have nothing to do with questions over what role Russian hacking has played in swinging the popular vote.

Rather, the quiet release of a medical document Tuesday morning appears to suggest Trump may be suffering from a degenerative brain disorder. The finding could help explain impulsive behavioral traits that some, including outgoing President Barack Obama, have said make him unsuitable for office.

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Dr. Pyotr Kapaldi

“This medical release is truly a bombshell,” said Dr. Pyotr Kapaldi, director of medical studies at West Maryland’s Rhyfedd College and lead surgeon at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. “It true, the findings here are extremely troubling—and for more than one reason.”

The document holds that Trump tested positive for toxoplasmosis in 2000, an often asymptomatic and typically non-fatal infection caused by the Toxoplasma gondii parasite. People may become infected by toxoplasma through contact with cat feces, eating of undercooked meats, or through blood transfusion or organ transplant, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

That diagnosis, however, appears to have been made many years after the initial infection, a delay that may have resulted in highly irregular complications. A reported MRI suggests “pockets of intracerebral mass lesions” possibly due to the untreated infection,” which the document states “may have been harbored for decades.”

Read the medical report Trump doesn’t want you to see!

“Toxoplasmosis is typically not a major concern, but for the very young, elderly and those with compromised immune systems,” continued Dr. Kapaldi, “but these blood readings—if they are accurate—suggest something quite wrong with his immune system. … There is just so much we don’t know. I’d like to reverse the polarity, for instance, and run the numbers again.”

When reached for comment, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said she would not speak to “speculative and unsubstantiated rumors” regarding Trump’s health. She referred reporters to Dr. Aca Aleksander, former director of Krona MS, in Skropje, Macedonia, and current Trump health advisor.

The only known definitive hosts for Toxoplasma gondii are members of family Felidae (domestic cats and their relatives). Source: CDC

“We have thoroughly vetted this Mr. Trump and found him in fine fighting fiddle,” Dr. Aleksander said. “Our Macedonian media has said for many months this is the best man for the job and he is the best man for this job, as the Macedonian media has reported already about.”

Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist and now most powerful advocate for the white nationalist movement in the United States, asked reporters seeking comment on the document: “Mount Sinai, that’s a Jewish hospital, right?”

Trump’s health—primarily his mental health—has been a source of concern for many in the medical community over the last year. His “remarkably thin skin,” erratic behavior, and violent rhetoric have led doctors from Harvard Medical School and the University of California to petition President Obama to order a “full medical and neuropsychiatric evaluation” of his incoming replacement.

“Professional standards do not permit us to venture a diagnosis for a public figure whom we have not evaluated personally. Nevertheless, his widely reported symptoms of mental instability—including grandiosity, impulsivity, hypersensitivity to slights or criticism, and an apparent inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality—lead us to question his fitness for the immense responsibilities of the office,” reads the letter from Drs. Judith Herman, Nanette Gartrell and Dee Mosbacher.

Concerns over Trump’s health now join outrage over election hacks by what the U.S. intelligence community regard as the likely work of Russian agents, possibly the FSB, successor to the KGB, and the GRU, Russia’s premier military intelligence organization.

Additionally, fake news reports, such as this one, written with the express intention of misleading readers, have garnered an extraordinary amount of interest since outlets such as Buzzfeed began examining how such headlines came to dominate Facebook discourse in the weeks leading up to the election. It turns out sites playing on American outrage and insecurities, sites that have largely praised Trump while tarring Clinton as, among other things, “the antichrist personified,” can be major money-makers, with outted operations since linked to entrepreneurial Macedonian teenagers, a far-right British activist, and one California pilot.

“Debates will certainly continue regarding Trump’s mental fitness and the role of Russian hacks in his favor,” said political analyst Pollie G. Moore-Analysis. “We should also have many more conversations about the ethics of fake news production and the impact of its consumption.”

Of course, experts agree, the terminology of “fake news” is itself divisive. Where does the merely heavily ideological end and “fake” begin?

“While some dismiss the term as somehow serving only one political agenda or another,” Moore-Analysis continued, “I think we should ask the folks who were eating at Comet Ping Pong how they feel about it.”

Earlier this month, a 28-year-old man was arrested after he opened fire inside the D.C. pizzeria, telling police he had come to uncover a purported secret child-sex ring being run by Hillary Clinton—-a conspiracy theory that had been advanced for months in many fact-challenged corners of the internet.

Proving itself capable of international impact: another made-up “news” post recently led to an escalation of nuclear tensions between Israel and Pakistan.


Which leads us to ask: How’s that fake news treating you?

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