Puerto Rico: Donate to community-led recovery


Support community-led recovery efforts for Maria recovery

Puerto Rico needs your help to recover from Maria. Your gift will support on-the-ground relief and recovery efforts for communities in Maria’s path.

100% of funds donated will go directly to community-led recovery efforts in areas impacted by Maria.

Apoye los esfuerzos comunitarios de recuperación tras el Huracán María

Puerto Rico necesita su ayuda para recuperarse de los efectos de María. Su donación apoyará los esfuerzos de socorro y recuperación en las comunidades en la senda del huracán.

El 100% de los fondos donados irá directamente a los esfuerzos comunitarios de recuperación en las áreas impactadas por María.

Also check this American Black Cross relief effort: “Last year you showed up and gave nearly $5 million in direct aid to Standing Rock. This year you’ve shown up and given nearly $5 million in direct aid to Texas, Florida, and the Virgin Islands. But now we need your support for Puerto Rico. We created this list in conjunction with families and organizers ON THE GROUND. They told us what they needed.”

Solarizing Puerto Rico, anyone?

IEEFA Update: Here’s How You Can Help Get Solar Power to Puerto Rican Households Now

A Call for Immediate Donations to the Puerto Rico Emergency Solar Energy Fund

IEEFA has never made a fundraising pitch on its website before, but times change, sometimes for the worse.

One million households in Puerto Rico do not have electricity today. In the wake of monumental damage from Hurricane Maria, power to most inhabitants of the islands is not likely to be restored for many weeks or months.

The only short-term prospect for getting electricity to people who desperately require it for their most basic household needs now is by dispatching small 1- or 2-kilowatt solar generators, solar lanterns and solar chargers for cell phones.

Day-to-day power needs are not being addressed by various relief efforts underway, efforts that are understandably focused on getting diesel fuel to generators for hospitals and other public-service institutions and on meeting emergency needs for clean water, shelter, and food.

IEEFA has a special interest in Puerto Rico for its work over the past two years with Puerto Rican organizations that include El Puente and the Institute of Competitiveness and Sustainable Economics (ISCE).

IEEFA, El Puente, and ISCE began collaborating long before Maria on research and analysis around how to reform the island’s shockingly fragile and mismanaged power agency, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA).

While the horizon for adequate reform is long, the need for immediate relief is now. A network of organizations that include IEEFA are joining forces today to deliver household-size solar equipment to Puerto Ricans.

Initial deliveries will allow for a trial supply-and-distribution network be expanded over time, and for much funding and participation is required.

Because El Puente and ICSE are strongly rooted in Puerto Rico, they are in a strong position—albeit in extremely difficult circumstances—to take delivery and distribution of household solar equipment. Suppliers for the first round of shipments have been identified, and ICSE is working directly with the respected Heart (Health Emergency Aid and Response Team 9/11) of New York City, which has established operations in San Juan.

You can help by donating here (check the box to designate your contribution to the Puerto Rico Emergency Solar Energy Fund).


Top image: Courtesy CNN

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