VIDEO: March For Our Lives, San Antonio!

march for our lives artwork
A cry for change. March For Our Lives artwork on display at Alamo Plaza in San Antonio, Texas. Image: Deceleration

Greg Harman

Students of San Antonio area schools made a powerful stand on the steps of City Hall today as part of the international March For Our Lives movement. With signs spread across the steps of the building, students from elementary to high school age, teachers, parents, and grandparents made their demand clear: elected leaders must start prioritizing their lives over the corrupting power of the gun lobby—or suffer the consequences in future elections.

Marching on the Alamo with chants of “Hey, hey, NRA! How many kids did you kill today?!”, Deceleration interviewed people about what brought them out of their homes and into the streets. Many had never marched before. Others hadn’t protested in decades.

There were powerful speeches at the iconic and controversial Alamo and a massive student die-in on the plaza, as attendees observed a five-minute moment of silence to remember the thousands upon thousands of students who have been killed by gun violence: an estimated seven every day.

Graphic about gun deaths
Courtesy Every Town for Gun Safety.

march for our lives san antonio
“Make our schools safe again.” Students and parents marched on the Alamo today at international March For Our Lives action chanting, “Enough is enough!” with promises to unseat politicians overly cozy with the National Rifle Association. Image: Deceleration

Speaking of the frustration that comes with needing political change but being too young to vote, one student at the March For Our Lives event said:

“It’s hard. But we know that our time is coming. We’re going to be there soon enough where we can vote these people out. We will have the power of the country to make the change we want to see.”

Said an older marcher in recognition of youth power, voting rights or not:

“The youth is really leading all of us to wake up, to fight for justice, to fight for our rights. I really believe this moment is a reckoning for those people in power who are caught up with greed and ignorance and foolishness.”

Because the diversity of expression exhibited in protest signs is one of our favorite things ever: here is a collection of that brilliance from the event.

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