Mayor Backs #OccupyICE Call for SA Police to Stand Down

This morning, San Antonio’s SAPD stopped by the #OccupyICE camp outside a Northside US Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility and warned of imminent arrest for the protestors.

Then they drove off.

Anxiously awaiting their return, this is the message from “Camp Cicada.” Camp members and supporters are calling on Mayor Ron Nirenberg and City Council to get the police to stand down.

Over the last two weeks, white nationalists have harassed the protestors, damaging their property, and a former camp member and DACA applicant interviewed previously by Deceleration was taken into custody.


UPDATE (4:29 P.M.)

Marisa Bono, Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s Chief of Staff, confirmed today that the Occupy Ice may remain in place.

“I have been in communication with RAICES and Erik Walsh in the City Manager’s office and confirmed the following. Assistant Chief Tony Flavin spoke with the property owner early this afternoon and Occupy ICE does have permission to remain on the property. As long as there is no breach of peace or fire, or a potentially dangerous disturbance of that nature, there protestors ARE NOT under order to vacate from SAPD, and SAPD should not interfere with peaceful protest.”