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PODCAST: CAAP & San Antonio’s Food Revolution

Rising temperatures, stronger storms, depleting global fertilizer supplies all mean extractive industrial agriculture is going to take a big hit from climate change. As the City’s first climate plan percolates, a local foods revolution continues to quietly gather steam in San Antonio. Join the Alamo Group of the Sierra Club for a conversation with some of the leaders of the local food movement.

Guests include: Mitch Hagney is the founder of the LocalSprout Food Hub, an urban farm and solar-powered gathering spot for small food businesses. Kate Jaceldo is a co-founder of the Compost Queens, a family business tackling the food waste side of that equation, helping residents and businesses convert discarded food into fresh soil. Nadia Gaona is founder of San Antonio Permaculture, a group of people from diverse backgrounds who come together to learn and share experiences of growing their own food and to discuss ways to create more regenerative communities.

Hagney, Jaceldo, and Gaona join Lone Star Sierra Club organizer Greg Harman to discuss the burgeoning local foods movement that could help San Antonio evolve into a more sustainable city and ultimately a carbon sink, absorbing climate pollution from the atmosphere, a goal of the Sierra Club and Climate Action SA.