PODCAST: Nuclear Wastes West Texas

no nuclear waste protest
Alice Canestero Garcia of Energía Mía raises a first outside the Alamodome. Image: Greg Harman

A giant inflatable “cask” urging people to “Say No to Radioactive Waste” is touring Texas this week. It represents the effort of state, national, and international anti-nuclear groups to shut down a proposal to transport high-level radioactive waste from nuclear power plants from around the United States to a West Texas facility for long-term storage. Following a press conference outside San Antonio’s Alamodome on Wednesday, September 26, 2018, Deceleration had the following conversation with Karen Hadden (SEED Coalition), Diane D’Arrigo (NIRS), and Kerstin Rudek (Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz).

The group will be in El Paso tonight, in Midland, Texas, on Saturday, and in Andrews, Texas, on Sunday.

The coalition is urging the public to speak out against the dump by writing the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission before an October 19, 2018, public-comments deadline.

{View the entire San Antonio press conference.}

From the NoNuclearWaste.Org:

The WCS comment period deadline is Oct. 19, 2018. Comments can be sent from this website or be emailed to WCS_CISF_EIS@nrc.gov. – More information link:


The deadline to intervene in the license proceedings is Oct. 29, 2018. More information link:


Here is where you can find the Revision 2 documents the company submitted in 2018. WCS has formed a partnership with a French company, ORANO. Together they’re known as Interim Storage Partners, so this name appears as well in these documents.