Reporting San Antonio

Ding, Dong, Deely’s Dead

Cracking open the champagne at Calaveras Lake in San Antonio, Texas, to celebrate: One more lung-clogging, brain-poisoning, planet-heating coal plant is dead. … And Happy New Year!


SAN ANTONIO – With about a dozen environmentally conscious friends, Councilwoman Ana Sandoval was part of an impromptu champagne party Monday afternoon at Calaveras Lake, with the J.T. Deely coal plant serving as a fitting backdrop.

“Today’s a special day,” Sandoval said. “I came out here because it would be the last day Deely’s in operation.”

As of midnight tonight, Dirty Deely as its detractors call it, will be out of service, courtesy of CPS.

“We’re starting off 2019 with a cleaner environment for everyone to breathe healthier,” Sandoval said.

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