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Live Broadcast to Explore SA’s Radical Resistance

Deceleration teams up with URBAN-15 to tell San Antonio’s lesser heard environmental justice histories.

Greg Harman

As we close out Global Climate Strike week, do you or your kids ever wonder what we did before #Greta? Join us in October 7, 2019, as Deceleration teams up with URBAN-15 GROUP to explore the “Hidden History” of San Antonio’s environmental resistance.

Spiking trees? Disabling earth moving equipment? Yes, folks, teenagers here were doing nighttime tactical “monkeywrenching” long before skipping school for the planet was a thing. Here is one of our guests, Olen Sluder, offering testimony about fighting sprawl in the late 1970’s over the Edwards Aquifer without protest signs or petitions.

From URBAN-15:

Originally a part of the city’s Tricentennial arts activities, Hidden Histories is a monthly, magazine-format video series that pursues and preserves the stories, lives, and places that make San Antonio and surrounding regions an inspiring cultural treasure. Now in its second season, Hidden Histories continues to premiere monthly screenings live in our studio, free of charge.

Each screening uncovers important cultural histories of the region by featuring archival interviews with community leaders; significant performances by musicians, dancers and poets; interactions with working artists; lost documentaries; forgotten narrative films; and vintage discussions of important community issues.

All episodes can be viewed for free either live at URBAN-15 studio (2500 S. Presa 78210) or online at After each live screening, all episodes are archived online for 24/7 access at For more information on the series, visit