Take Action

Take Action: Earth Strike, Book Party, Mother of Trees

Friday: Earth Strike

All day strike. Walk out of school, off your job, and meet at 11am at Milam Park in downtown San Antonio (500 W Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78207).

From Earth Strike: Until the world’s governments and businesses are held accountable to the people, we are refusing to participate in the system that fills their pockets. There will be no banking, no offices full of employees, no schools full of children, until our demands are met. These include:

  • An immediate start on global co-operation to reverse the damage done to the Earth’s climate, through unambiguous and binding agreements, by both world leaders and corporate entities, following IPCC projections of halving carbon net emissions by 2030 and zero net emissions by 2050.
  • International, unambiguous and binding commitments to halt the destruction of rainforests and other wildlife habitats.
  • International, unambiguous and binding agreements designed to hold corporations accountable for the greenhouse gases they produce.

Contact: earthstrikesatx@protonmail.com

Saturday: Pachanga de Palabras

The Pachanga de Palabras is a Westside book festival, taking place in the heart of the Westside of San Antonio in the Plaza Guadalupe September 28, 2019 from 6 PM – 10 PM. The Pachanga de Palabras will have book and zine vendors, food vendors, interactive free workshops for children as well as adults, poets, live music and a drag king story time. The Pachanga de Palabras seeks to promote literacy as well as celebrate bilingual and Spanish literature.

More at their Facebook event page.

Saturday: Celebrating the Life of Veronica Castillo

Desde el vientre de mi Jefita, mis sentidos se despertaron y me llamaron a trabajar el barro como lo habian hecho mis padres. La semilla del arte, roja como el interior del corazon, sembro en mi un huerto de posibilidades y sueṅos que se han manifestado en mis obras de barro durante toda mi vida. El Arbol de la Vida: Tonantzin, es mi regalo a la Madre Tierra, la humanidad y mi comunidad por darme una plena vida llena de amor a la Madre Tierra y sus Pueblos.

Los invito a que me acompaṅen a celebrar mis 52 aṅos en un rito de iniciacion en la tradicion Anahuaka de nuestros antepasados a partir del medio dia.

From my mother’s belly, my senses awoke and I was called to work with clay as my parents had done. The seed of art, red like the inside of the heart, sowed in me an orchard of possibilities and dreams that have manifested in my works of clay throughout my entire life. El Arbol de la Vida: Tonantzin is my gift to Mother Earth, humanity, and my community for giving me a full live filled with love for Mother Earth and her peoples.

You are invited to help me celebrate my 52 years in a rite of initiation in the Anahuac tradition of our ancestors beginning at noon.

More info and RSVP at their Facebook page.