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TAKE ACTION: Veterans Resistance Art Gallery This Weekend

An invitation from ABOUT FACE: Veterans Against the War:

Words fall short of communicating the trauma that combat veterans of the so called “War on Terror” have experienced, while institutions stigmatize speaking out against the meaninglessness of the horrific human cost they have witnessed. As long as there have been militaries and wars, soldiers around the world have dissented, resisted, deserted, and refused combat duty for both moral and political reasons, and civilians have supported them.

Veterans’ resistance to war continues to this day even in these ongoing 9/11 forever wars, now nearing 20 years, destroying countless lives and literally setting whole regions on fire.

Many veterans turn to many different artistic avenues to express emotions that the military prefers them to repress or ignore–feelings of fear, anger, confusion, and shame. Some find solace in expressing and sharing the trauma caused by the dehumanization of war or by fellow military members in sexually violent episodes. This is why Veterans Resistance Art Gallery has created a space for combat veterans to express their often unspoken and unsanctioned viewpoints by displaying their art in hopes of connecting with the public at large.

Join us this weekend in our first Veterans Resistance Art Gallery for Veterans Day Weekend. The Gallery will feature a collection of art and posters created by members of ABOUT FACE: Veterans Against the War (formerly known as Iraq Veterans Against the War).

This event is free to the public. The art display will run from Saturday, November 9 through Wednesday, November 13, with the following events scheduled throughout:

  • Saturday, Nov 9 @ 5-7pm: Opening reception with light refreshments and conversation.
  • Sunday, Nov 10 @ 4-7 pm: Main event with performances, book reading, and discussion.
  • Monday, Nov 11 @ 3-6 pm: Screening of Sir! No Sir! (2005) followed by discussion.

Exhibit and events take place at Galeria E.V.A., located at 3412 S Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78204. To schedule additional visits to view exhibit, contact the gallery at http://vivalabotanica.com/eva/ or call (210) 503-5663 or (210) 737-4206.

For more details on the event, contact Jovanni Reyes at jovanni@aboutfaceveterans.org or call 706-405-0079.

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Click below to view the powerful visual poem “Altered”:


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