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TAKE ACTION: Impeach and Remove Donald Trump

Around the United States, people are gathering to demand their elected members of Congress impeach and remove Donald Trump from office.

Nobody Is Above the Law.

That’s why we’re calling on Congress to Impeach & Remove Donald Trump. In San Antonio, we are particularly targeting Rep. Will Hurd and Sen. John Cornyn and calling on them to put party aside and to rise to the moment.

Nobody Is Above the Law.

Soon—possibly early next week—the House of Representatives will vote on Articles of Impeachment detailing the impeachable crimes and abuses of power committed by Donald Trump. The evening before the House impeachment vote we will mobilize rapid response “Nobody Is Above The Law” demonstrations across the country and across Texas.

Time: 5:30PM Tuesday
December 17, 2019

Location: US Federal Building
727 E César E Chávez Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78206

RSVP: MoveOn and watch for updates.

Make sure your representative in the House knows where you stand! Call your member of Congress to tell them you support Trump’s impeachment because Nobody Is Above the Law.

Dial 888-454-0483 to be connected to your representative’s office. (See a sample script below.)

No matter where your representative is on this issue, they need to hear from you! We must show Congress there is massive support to hold Trump accountable. Tell them you support the impeachment & removal of the President.

Dial 888-454-0483 now!

Here’s an example of what you could say:

“Hi I’m {NAME} from {CITY/STATE}. I believe that no one is above the law and that no one should be interfering in our elections. What Trump did is bribery. He used military aid to pressure Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 elections by soliciting an investigation into a political opponent. This is unconstitutional, unprecedented, and wrong. He must be held accountable and be impeached. Thank you.”