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TAKE ACTION: Join “Return to Sun and Wind” Live on Saturday

Introducing The Aerocene Project to San Antonio: a collaborative open-source movement cultivating fossil-free mobility grounded in planetary ethics and atmospheric sensing.

Marisol Cortez

Deceleration is excited to roll out some new online broadcasting capacities this weekend! Join us as we collaborate with Krystal Paul and Fabiola Torralba of the East to West Project, who originally planned to present “The Aerocene Project: Return to Sun and Wind” as a live, in-person workshop. But with COVID-19 mounting and formerly in-person audiences now engaged in the mass cooperation necessary to protect the most vulnerable this event has now moved online.

Deceleration will be co-producing this event on Facebook Live from 6pm-8pm CST on Saturday, March 21. To view at that time, tune in on Deceleration’s Facebook page, the East to West Project Facebook page, or the “Return to Sun and Wind” event page.

Read below for a note from Fabiola Torralba with more details on the event, how to tune in, and the critical importance of staying involved as we move collectively through unprecedented times.

Flying museum Museo Aero Solar in Prado, Italy. Image: Janis Elko

Dear community members, friends, and family, 

Due to the unforeseen waves of changes that are currently taking place on our lands and the effects that these impose on our bodies, we will no longer be gathering in person for the inauguration of the East to West Project. “The Aerocene Project: Return to Sun and Wind,” a workshop by Krystal Paul originally scheduled for Saturday, March 21, 2020 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Martinez Street Women’s Center (801 N. Olive Street, San Antonio 78202), will now take place on Facebook Live. Please join us for a presentation, workshop, and discussion made possible online by Deceleration News. Feel free to invite others to join as well from the privacy of their own screens. We hope to create an interactive experience with multiple layers of engagement for your creative, intellectual, and spiritual fulfillment. Starting at 6pm CST, the link to the live stream will be available on each of the pages below:  

East to West Project Facebook Group Page: fb.me/EastWestProject

Return to Sun and Wind Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2537318256510558/

Deceleration Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/deceleration/

While we resist the policing of our mobility and support the migration and agency of all bodies, in particular those of Indigenous and Black peoples, People of Color, and their descendants who continue to be militarized, policed, detained, and displaced, we cannot control the travel of viral bodies. When we impose deportation, bodies fight back, shapeshift or disintegrate. Like this virus, we resist confinement and question the role of our own hands in these expulsions and the displacement of other living things. What we are being shown, in fact, are the limits of containment and the importance of bodily agency, interconnection, and integral consciousness. 

In this time of fluctuation we ask: What does it mean to acknowledge our interrelatedness, to be in dialogue with existing technologies, and morph into new forms? To support community building and connection in these increasingly isolating times, we will be experimenting with new platforms to sustain the East to West Project in support and solidarity of our collective spirits. We realize that the digital worlds we will be embarking on are not the most accessible for many who are already detained, marginalized, and obstructed from the movement of their own technologies. We will continue to shift our programs as we learn to create new pathways and center our desire to be accessible and promote collective wellness. 

For the most immediate updates to our program, please join the Facebook group at fb.me/EastWestProject. For email communication, write to Fabiola Ochoa Torralba at east.west.210@gmail.com. Sign up to receive email, text, mail, or phone updates on the East to West Project at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XLJBQGJ. Share the “The Aerocene Project: Return to Sun and Moon” Facebook Event Page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/2537318256510558/

This project is made possible by Alternate ROOTS and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation with special support from Deceleration News. Follow Deceleration News on their web page at https://deceleration.news. Support the creative capacity of the artists—Krystal Paul, Greg Harman, Marisol Cortez, and Fabiola Torralba—who produced this workshop. Make a donation through Venmo to Fabiola-Torralba with “East-West Project” or “EWP-Fly” in the subject line. You can also mail your checks, cash, or money orders to: 

Attention: Fabiola Torralba

East to West Project

2503 W Summit, SATX 78228


Thank you in advance for your generous viewership and support. Let’s fly!

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