VIDEO: The Aerocene Project Inhabits the Sky

Aerocene movement promises a world “free from borders and free from fossil fuels.”

 Deceleration hosted Krystal Paul and Fabiola Torralba last weekend for a crash course in the “aerocene” movement and related skills share.

The movement describes itself this way:

Aerocene is an interdisciplinary artistic community that seeks to devise new modes of sensitivity, reactivating a common imaginary towards an ethical collaboration with the environment and the atmosphere, free from carbon emissions.

As an ever growing research and experimental practice, Aerocene is open-source and collaborative. It consists of a dedicated and diverse global community of practitioners who collaborate to promote and enact environmental awareness and atmospheric sensing experiments, imagining new infrastructures of planetary mobility and ethics.

By collaboratively developing, testing and launching aerosolar sculptures, Aerocene seeks to open up the imagination towards an emergent cloudscape, un-tethering a new era of planetary attunement, restoring the thermodynamic balance of the Earth, free from borders, free from fossil fuels.

Join the conversation on the original Facebook post, where our friends and allies were interacting. And please share with others who may be interested.

— Greg Harman

Check out our conversation above and peruse the Aerocene Newspaper below:

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