EP10: Everyday Rude Boy’s Unintentional Mental Health Mother’s Day

Episode 10 is Deceleration‘s “mad pride” edition. Almost in time for Mother’s Day. We celebrate 10 episodes with a deep dive discussion of all things mental illness in the time Covid-19 with celebrated San Antonio musician (and artist) Phil Luna. This was truly one of our most satisfying broadcasts. We know domestic violence rates and fast rising in response to the stress of the moment. Projections now show thousands being erased year by year in correlation with an unemployment rate expected to near 30 percent this summer. In EP10 we supply helpful mental health crisis tips and resources (including a mediation crash course). Please share with those who are experiencing mental health issues … many now for the first time.

In this period of great upheaval, Deceleration is striving to do our small part to hold community space and power. Join the conversation on Episode Eight on the original Facebook post, where our friends and allies have been interacting. — Greg Harman

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