EP12: SATX Vigil for George Floyd … Westside police beating

Deceleration.Live Episode 12 came more spur of the moment after seeing local organizers had struck a nerve in San Antonio with an event dedicated to decrying the death of George Floyd and advancing the message that Black Lives Matter. In this broadcast you will hear from organizers of the event that drew an estimated 5,000 into downtown. Additionally, we check in with a neighbor on the Westside whose brother was beaten by an all-too-familiar pile of San Antonio Police Department officers recently. Sadly, our mic was unintentionally muted when I made the announcement of an online town hall “COVID-19 Recovery: How CPS Energy Reforms Can Drive Utility Justice.” So click through here; attend.

In this period of great upheaval, Deceleration is striving to do our small part to hold community space and power. Join the conversation on Episode 12 on the original Facebook post, where our friends and allies have been interacting. — Greg Harman

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