EP13: Charles Roundtree Bloom Project; Rights of Nature in SATX, Yanawana Herbolarios

Deceleration.Live Episode 13 comes after a month-long break at the broadcast. In it we weave together several critical conversations on emerging movements and thought rising in San Antonio, including a talk with Ki’Amber Thompson of the Charles Roundtree Bloom Project, a nascent initiative connecting kids of incarcerated parents with the power of healing nature, on intersections of abolition and environmental justice. Following this segment is a video excerpt from our podcast interview on the Rights of Nature movement with Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights senior counsel Thomas Linzey and two locally based CDER organizers (full interview here). Ep 13 concludes with a long-delayed conversation on Indigenous healing concepts with Maria Turvin of the Yanawana Herbolarios.

In this period of great upheaval, Deceleration is striving to do our small part to hold community space and power. Join the Episode 13 conversation at the livestream’s original Facebook post. — Greg Harman

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