‘Ready to Mobilize’: 500+ Demonstrations Planned to Make Every Vote Count

Screen shot of event map at Protect the Results.

San Antonio Rally to ‘Protect the Results’ as National Movement Mulls Mass Action.

As the nightmare scenario many have been warning about for months came true early Wednesday with President Donald Trump’s false declaration of victory, advocacy organizations behind the “Protect the Results” coalition reaffirmed that they are prepared to mobilize across the United States as the nation teeters on the edge of a constitutional crisis.

If the coalition decides to officially activate the mass protests in response to Trump’s false victory claim, more than 500 demonstrations are scheduled to take place Wednesday afternoon as the vote count continues, with a trio of key battlegrounds—Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania—at the center of the nation’s attention. The coalition is expected to meet early Wednesday to decide whether to greenlight the wave of demonstrations.

As of this posting, Protect the Results was still in hover mode. However, a mobilization called together by RAICES, SA Stands, and others, had lift-off in San Antonio, Texas.


Protect the Results – Every Vote Counts!
4:45PM – 6:30PM
San Fernando Cathedral
115 N. Main Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78205

“Join us to honor the valid results of the 2020 election, ensure that every vote is counted, and show up to demand the peaceful transition of power,” the Facebook Event description reads. “We can build a democracy that really works for everyone, but first we must make sure every vote gets counted.” (See the event for COVID-19 protocols and agreements)

In a speech from the White House early Wednesday with millions of votes left to count, President Donald Trump did what the coalition of more than 130 advocacy groups, labor unions, and environmental organizations has long feared he would: Falsely declared outright victory, baselessly cried voter fraud in key states that may not ultimately turn out in his favor if all ballots are counted, and threatened to turn to the U.S. Supreme Court to help him stop the vote count.

“We expected Trump and Republicans to try every trick in the book to cling to power,” advocacy group Indivisible, one of the original founders of the “Protect the Results” coalition, tweeted early Wednesday. “That’s why we’re ready to mobilize. Join the movement to stop a constitutional crisis.”

“We’re gonna have to do this,” said Alexandria Villaseñor, founder of youth-led advocacy group Earth Uprising. “We need the world to help us.”

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This article was adapted from a dispatch at Common Dreams.

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