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San Antonio’s Problem with CPS Energy

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For our families, planet, and future, San Antonio must shut down its last coal plant by 2030. But City-owned CPS Energy won’t discuss shutting the JK Spruce plant down, other than to warn of the costs. After years of trying to negotiate a just transition to clean energy, the climate action community has pushed forward with a petition to force Spruce to power down. Angered by the initiative petition driving Spruce to a vote in 2021, Mayor Ron Nirenberg is working to maintain status as a “climate mayor” while refusing to engage with the local climate action community. Meanwhile, SA Climate Ready, the City’s plan to reduce it’s climate emissions and prepare residents for the acceleration of extreme weather, continues to focus on everything but coal. Here is a short overview of the struggle around coal power in San Antonio, the creation of the climate plan, and thoughts on the way forward. — Greg Harman

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