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Take Action: Vigil for Erick Mejía

Justice for Erick Mejia

On January 27, 2021, SAPD took the life of yet another young person, Erick Mejia, killing him in broad daylight outside South Park Mall after he fled on foot following a traffic stop.

Organizers say he was fleeing for fear of deportation and showing signs of mental health crisis. At 3 p.m. Friday, March 5, SA Stands and Autonomous Brown Berets invite the community to stand in vigil to support his family in their fight to hold SAPD accountable—they are seeking to fire the officers involved, give the family access to the autopsy report, and the release of the mall security footage. But more importantly, they seek to remember Erick in his full humanity.

From the Facebook event:

SAPD MURDERED Erick in public, in broad daylight with many bystanders/witnesses recording it and are trying to justify the killing. He had approximately 28 bullets fired at him. Erick was clearly having a mental health crisis and should NOT have been killed! His family begged to speak to him in person and were on the scene, but were told to stay back or else. This is wrong on many levels. There have been MANY LIES and a lot has been covered up by SAPD. Please support the family in their fight to spread awareness and hold the SAPD murderers accountable.

  • Wear blue for the vigil
  • Mask is required
  • Bring candles, flowers, pictures, and signs

#justiceforerick #abolishsapd

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