Cultivator: News for March 28-April 3

President Biden’s $2T Infrastructure & Climate Plan (AKA “American Jobs Plan”)

America’s Offshore Wind–Powered Future Begins in a Texas Shipyard

In announcing an ambitious renewable-energy push this week, the Biden administration highlighted a vessel under construction in Brownsville as proof of the economic opportunities of going green. One Gulf-based company is moving from fabricating oil rigs to offshore wind power. (Texas Monthly)

Dollars to address Texas grid failures, Hurricane Harvey recovery

The plan would bring a lot to Texas—including weatherizing the power grid that would otherwise fall to private companies and inevitably passed along to ratepayers. It just doesn’t do so much for oil and gas. One of the way it pays for itself is through eliminating subsidies to the fossil-fuel sector. (San Antonio Express-News)

By the Numbers (Inside Climate News)

  • $213B for weatherizing affordable housing.
  • $174B for electric vehicle transition.
  • $100B for power grid modernization.
  • $85B for public transit.
  • $35B for clean tech.
  • $16B capping and cleaning up oil wells and coal mines…

Also: an estimated $20B to ‘reconnect’ communities of color to economic opportunity.

But is this the climate plan were waiting for? Short answer? Hardly. Meeting the goals of the international Paris Agreement would require an estimated $1T per year, writes Kate Aronoff at The New Republic. Still Earth Month is just getting started some expect more news to come at the upcoming DC climate summit.

Winter Storm Uri Fallout

CPS Energy Suing Gas Providers Over Storm Costs

CPS Energy claims ‘opportunistic price gouging’ by gaggle of gas pushers in a lawsuit that names Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners of Standing Rock infamy. (San Antonio Report)

The utility wants to reduce by half the $670 million it owes for purchases made during the February storm. (San Antonio Express-News)

Gas Attacks Back: Supplier sues CPS, says utility must pay winter storm bill

“Rather than forego purchases [while hundreds of thousands of lives hung in the balance], CPS Energy executed numerous purchases with full knowledge that it was agreeing to pay market prices [which had shot up 10,000 percent],” ConocoPhillips said. Market prices. (San Antonio Express-News) … Those bracketed bits being our contextualizing to make sure we’re all on the same page with this.

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Tweet o’ the Week

Dateline: Boca Chica

This irritated entomologist’s tweet has since been deleted, but the evidence, and outrage, over the SN11’s debris littering the Lower Rio Grande Valley Nature Wildlife Refuge was well preserved by The Daily Mail UK, of all places.

Did someone say ‘scrap metal’?

Annova LNG scraps plans for pipeline project in Port of Brownsville

The Annova LNG gas terminal announced the end of their project for the fracking site at the Port of Brownsville after a 6-year-long battle with the surrounding community, including environmentalists and indigenous tribes. “Annova LNG is not going forward because of years and years of community opposition,” said Rebekah Hinojosa, the gulf coast campaign representative of the environmental group, the Sierra Club. (KVEO TV)

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San Antonio’s Mission Reach can offer valuable lessons for Great Springs Project

100 miles of hike-and-bike trails will safeguard 50,000 acres of land over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. (San Antonio Report)

Bird Festival Returns to Corpus Christi

After cancelling the event in 2020, the South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center will host its annual Texas Gulf Coast birdwatcher event April 21-25. (Corpus Christi Caller-Times)

National Walking Club Hits Its Stride By Moving To San Antonio

“The things you might not see if you just go by in your car.” (Texas Public Radio)

Exotic-animal breeder planning $500M safari park on San Antonio’s South Side

It started as a tax writeoff. Another revelation: exotic (non-native, big-horned ‘game’ animals) are ‘no different than a Ferrari.’ (San Antonio Express-News)

Indigenous Affairs

Texas Observer‘s new indigenous affairs reporter takes issue with claims of a San Antonio Council candidate. (Apache? “Those claims cannot be verified,” we’re told.) But an awful lot of native folks in these parts see themselves reflected in Marie Crabb’s story, one that doesn’t fit neatly into a tribal register. Read Crabb’s “Don’t Steal My Identity” (San Antonio Current)

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Coastal News

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