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VIDEO: ‘Decolonize the Future’ with Arturo Escobar

A community conversation with Colombian decolonial scholar-activist Arturo Escobar, produced by Deceleration in partnership with UTSA.

Video of the opening panel.

On April 12, 2023, Deceleration convened a community conversation with our partners at University of Texas at San Antonio featuring Dr. Arturo Escobar, a renowned Colombian scholar-activist who has worked alongside land struggles led by Afro-descendent and Indigenous communities since the 1970s. We wanted to bring his work into dialogue with community organizers based in South Texas engaged in similar trajectories and were strongly encouraged by the course of the conversation. Escobar spoke the following day at UTSA. You can hear our conversation with him preceding this local engagement over here.

Panelists: Diana Lopez, Southwest Workers Union (18:28), Frankie Orona, Society of Native Nations (31:30); Kimiya Factory, Black Freedom Factory (45:50); Maria Turvin, Yanawana Herbolarios (55:00), and Arturo Escobar (1:17:30). Facilitated by Marisol Cortez of Deceleration and UTSA. Opening provided by Karla Kopalli. Thanks to UTSA’s Department of English and College of Liberal and Fine Arts for bringing Dr. Escobar to San Antonio as their 2023 Brackenridge Distinguished Lecturer, Fundación CEMPROC for the financial support that made this community conversation possible, and to Galería E.V.A. for hosting.

Continuing the dialogue with community partners and friends.

Images: Greg Harman


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