Reporting San Antonio Video Briefs

Talking Extreme Heat at Southwest Workers Union’s Monthly Food Distro

Video from Southwest Workers Union’s Third Saturday Food Distribution.

San Antonio residents call on VIA to install more bus shelters, share DIY tips at SWU event for cutting the heat

Every third Saturday, Southwest Workers Union hosts a food distribution that often includes activities to empower and entertain San Antonio residents who are oftentimes living life on the margins in parts of the city with less access to healthy foods and higher rates of asthma and environmental pollution. Deceleration stopped by to talk to residents about how they are surviving in the extreme heat that has gripped the state and many parts of the world due to global warming from fossil fuel use. We found inspiring and uplifting crafts being shared with folks who themselves continue think about the well being not only of themselves but their neighbors, as well. Among the various tips offered I wasn’t able to include in this video are cooling teas, particularly borage, believed to help cool an overheated body. Find more tips at Deceleration’s bilingual Extreme Heat Survival Guide. Video: Greg Harman


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