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VIDEO: Words for Birds 2021

Marisol Cortez Last weekend Deceleration co-hosted the 13th annual Words for Birds, a celebration and cry for protection of winged relatives for National Poetry Month. Historically an in-person reading held out of doors within the beautiful environs of Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, COVID sacked last year’s W4B, which instead became […]


To Help Stop the Age of Extinction, Give Nature a New Pronoun

For Indigenous scholar Robin Wall Kimmerer, Western grammatical norms of using “it” to refer to more-than-human relatives absolve settler cultures of moral responsibility for exploiting and dominating nature. Here’s what we can say instead, drawn from Kimmerer’s native Anishinaabe. Robin Wall Kimmerer Singing whales, talking trees, dancing bees, birds who […]

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Take Action: Join SAHA Residents in Demanding Safe Housing and Clean Water

SAHA residents respond to the horrific losses of power and water that left residents feeling “left to die”—including one confirmed case of Legionnaires’ disease currently under investigation. Marisol Cortez During Winter Storm Uri last month, residents of Fair Avenue Apartments—a San Antonio Housing Authority complex on SA’s Southside where a […]

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Research Roundup: Critical Readings for A Vortex Postmortem

Marisol Cortez Y’all know Deceleration is Texas based, so like millions of others around the state, we just survived brutal Arctic storms followed by a near-collapse of the electric grid—brought about by centuries of secessionist ideology and decades of deregulation—on the heels of water and food shortages. All things considered, […]

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Remembering Laura Sánchez

Two longtime migrant rights activists remember their compañera’s dedication to sanctuary in principal and action, as hopes rise for restoring a just U.S. asylum policy. Marisol Cortez In the summer of 2020, I asked Jack Elder to write a piece remembering Laura Sánchez, his friend and confederate in the Sanctuary […]

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PODCAST: Housing Justice Hunger Striker Molly Wright Demands Your Attention

Deceleration · 15: Homelessness Advocate Molly Wright is on a Hunger Strike in San Antonio ‘When you’re homeless, you don’t have the energy to protest.’ What to do when traditional forms of protest have become ‘white noise’ for elected leaders? Marisol Cortez In 2016, a year after the last residents were […]


Coup Averted, La Lucha Continua. But First: Breathe.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the final dispatch from a group called Choose Democracy, who we introduced to readers in an October post just before the historic (and traumatic) 2020 election. Choose Democracy formed for the express purpose of training people to stop a coup should it arise, launching a coup-o-meter […]

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TAKE ACTION: Black Lives Matter & Palestine at DreamWeek

Happy MLK Day, amid fallout from the churning sickness of white nationalist grievance that finally spewed forth in the attempted auto-coup of January 6, 2021. In that context, we redouble our efforts to topple America’s centuries-old, color-based caste system rooted in colonial occupation, insisting that Black Lives Matter: locally, globally, […]


Election or Coup? How to (Really) Stop Trump from Stealing the Election

EDITOR’S NOTE: Few pundits are expecting a clear winner from the 2020 presidential election on November 4. Most expect that sorting out mail-in ballots and legal challenges will take days to weeks. Many—more than we’d like, but perhaps fewer than we’d expect—are weighing the odds of a coup attempt by […]

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TAKE ACTION: Support Local Black Lives Matter Movement

Here are ways to support the movement for Black lives here in SATX—including taking the streets, organizing around local demands, and pressing forward toward prison abolition and alternatives to policing. Immediate-Term: Upcoming Calendar of Protests Here are all #BLACKLIVESMATTER protests we can identify in SATX over the next couple of […]

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PODCAST: Rights of Nature Arrives in San Antonio

Deceleration · 14: Rights of Nature Movement Reaches San Antonio Marisol Cortez In Spring of 2012, at the tail end of my time teaching in Lawrence, Kansas, I had the privilege of attending the Rights of Mother Earth Conference at Haskell Indian Nations University. I’d found my way to Haskell […]

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TAKE ACTION: Carrizo Comecrudo Tribunal for Human Rights

The upcoming Carrizo Comecrudo Tribunal for Human Rights connects the dots between petrochemical development, violence against Indigenous women, environmental justice, border militarization, and migration. Marisol Cortez When land or community wellbeing has suffered injustice, we often look to the courts to redress any rights violations. But what if the corporate […]