Author: M. Cortez


Elmendorf Egret Eviction: Open Letter to Shirley Gonzales

A Close Reading of “Another View: Why We Support Moving Egrets from Elmendorf Lake Park.” Editor’s Note: In an epistolary take on the traditional op-ed, Kamala Platt below responds to her city councilwoman’s public support for the city and military’s recently announced plans to forcibly evict egrets, herons, and other […]


El Paso Shooting: Not Mental Illness, Not Even Guns

What makes El Paso shooting feel different is its utter expectedness, following as it did on the heels of Trump’s racist attacks on Brown and Black Congresswomen, the ominous “send her back” chanting that followed, and the endless, ongoing dehumanization and internment of migrants and children arriving at the US border.


Eyewitness Venezuela Tour Makes a Stop in San Antonio

Editor’s Note: Deceleration is pleased to offer this guest column by Jovanni Reyes, a longtime anti-war voice in San Antonio, which chronicles Gloria La Riva’s local stop on her national tour intended to raise consciousness about U.S. intervention in Venezuela. As an outlet that seeks to understand issues of militarism, […]


In Praise of Nuisance Heronries (Part Two)

Bird-dispersing chemical warfare comes to the Westside’s little Aztlan, our ‘place of herons.’ Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two-part series. Click here for part one, a dispatch from Brackenridge Park. Marisol Cortez Roosting together on a mid-March Sunday evening, the birds of Bird Island sound collectively at times […]


In Praise of Nuisance Heronries (Part One)

How the slow attention of local women exposed an institutional war on the birds of San Antonio. Editor’s Note: This is the first of a two-part series. Read part two, “Place of Herons,” here. Marisol Cortez In 1962, Rachel Carson—government scientist, nature writer, breast cancer non-survivor, and queer woman on […]

Climate Flash Choir

Climate Flash Choir Brings ‘Joyful Militancy’ to City Council

About 10 years ago, when I was fresh and young and newly 30, I was working for the first time as a full-time organizer on a campaign against the expansion of a South Texas nuclear power plant. When COP 15 hit in December 2009, I got it in my head somehow that the best way to connect the dots between international climate negotiations in Copenhagen and our local fight against nuclear power—positioned by the powers-that-be as a carbon-free alternative to fossil fuels—was to sing about it.

Take Action

TAKE ACTION: Support Tribal Resistance to Border Wall

As the Trump administration has amped up its border wall talk, these villages have expanded both in number and in scope, drawing critical connections between the ongoing destruction of sacred lands and border wildlife to the violent rhetorics and policies of dehumanization that have led to family separation at the border.


Mapache: ‘Stand Up For a World Where No One Is Illegal’

After arrest and deportation, Mapache urges people not to let fear of ICE keep them from activism. Marisol Cortez Earlier this summer, we posted an interview with 18-year-old Dreamer Sergio “Mapache” Salazar about the purpose and vision of Camp Cicada, the Abolish ICE encampment that sprung up in San Antonio […]

Take Action

Attention! Attend! Fiesta de Resistencia

In celebration of Camp Cicada–now coming up on its 7th week lodged in the side of an ICE administrative hub on San Antonio’s Northeast side–Abolish ICE SATX is organizing Fiesta de Resistencia/Festival of Resistance on Friday, August 31st, 2018 from 2pm until 11pm. The festival aims to raise funds for […]


The Courage to Question

Anti-war veterans group, About Face, calls Witte Museum to account over George W. Bush exhibit Marisol Cortez I was living in Northern California when the Bush administration invaded Iraq in spring 2003, and I remember what relief I felt, through my horror and helplessness, that the organized opposition in that […]


VIDEO: What Occupy ICE SATX Needs You To Know (and Do)

By Marisol Cortez On Tuesday, July 17th, community members from throughout Central and South Texas answered a national call for the abolition of ICE, moved both by the recent horror of family separation under Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy as well as the success of Portland, Oregon blockaders in shutting down […]

Government Hill mural

PODCAST: Interfaces 1 (Government Hill)

Marisol Cortez A couple Sundays back, in late March, I finally get around to visiting Gil and Jo Ann Murillo where they have lived for decades in Government Hill—a neighborhood at the northeastern corner of what is now downtown, so named because it abuts Fort Sam Houston to the south. […]