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Climate Change: America’s Most Divisive Issue?

In US politics, global warming has grown more divisive than abortion, gun control, or the death penalty. Children in the US are traumatized by a school shooting roughly every week. Radical religion-fueled vigilantes have bombed abortion clinics and stalked and killed the doctors who perform them. But it’s not gun […]

Constance Okollet

Lone Star Green: ‘Wise Women’ Deliver Stories From Climate Change’s Front Lines

With the release of yet another report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change chronicling the dangers our planet is steaming toward, it’s easy to forget that global warming is already damaging lands and injuring people worldwide. While the human impact from the recent uptick in billion-dollar disasters in the […]


Selfish Monologue: On Reassessing Committments & Refining Attentions

Yesterday, I sent out my fourth email newsletter since devoting myself full time to the freelance life four months ago. I wrote: Daniel Katz (right), co-founder of the Rainforest Alliance, chastised the national green groups at SXSW ECO last week for failing to network in the nation’s grassroots organizations — […]

Hector Zertuche

Lone Star Green: Policing The Oil Patch

Hector Zertuche’s first environmental crime occurred around 2009 when he discovered a truckload of oilfield drilling muds dumped on the banks of the Nueces River outside Sandia. “We matched the tracks to a nearby resident,” the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Deputy told me recently. “But we messed up. We cited […]

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Lone Star Green: Population blame excuses our failures, discounts our creativity

When The Population Bomb exploded on the scene in 1968 with breathless warnings that humans were breeding themselves into a global environmental catastrophe, it got a lot of people talking about the earth’s finite resources for the first time. It also launched many heated public discussions about ways to force […]


LONE STAR GREEN: Texas Lawmakers Sleep As Future Storms Gather Strength

Five years ago, Hurricane Ike – one of the costliest storms in U.S. history – plowed into Galveston Bay chewing through $29 billion in homes, businesses, roads, and bridges. It further punished the Texas economy to the tune of $142 billion in the year of recovery that followed, according to […]


LONE STAR GREEN: Climate change denial and Lamar Smith’s magical unicorn ride

The early Greeks knew a thing or two about unicorns. With elephant feet and a boar’s tail, these “Indian asses” were said to have a single horn that offered protection from deadly drugs. These days, the unicorn has devolved to a candy-colored rainbow-riding cultural meme heralding the most fantastical and […]


Lone Star Green: Goodbye to the Horny Toad?

Iconic Texan Goes Missing In ‘Texas Horned Lizard Capital’ of Kenedy. Before red imported fire ants hit Texas. Before dense African grasses took root on our cattle ranches. Before pesticides came to inhabit a corner spot in every garage between Orange and El Paso. Before all these threats to the horny toad […]


Lone Star Green: Abbott’s Willful Climate Ignorance Approaches The Criminal

There comes a point that ignorance of the science supporting human-caused climate change becomes so willful that it enters the territory of the criminal – particularly for those with a say in shaping public policy around it. And perhaps nowhere are concerted, smart and rapid responses to this unfolding tragedy […]

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Climate Activism and Mental Resiliency: Strategies for Keeping On Keeping On

Responding emotionally and honestly to the sometimes overwhelming challenges of our times takes an inevitable toll. Sometimes the psychological distress that builds inside us as our knowledge of the ramifications of our destabilized climate system grows is eased by action. Participating in a public protest can be experienced as a […]

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LONE STAR GREEN: Human Rights, Human Responsibilities

Everything I ever needed to know about the meaning of liberty, I learned from a flower-selling hippy on a Fort Worth street corner. Travelin’ Terry was an unabashed champion of liberal values in an intensely conservative town. His long reddish hair and full beard interrupted the wild patterns of his […]

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Eco Realism: What Your Newspaper Should Look Like

Last night a friend and fellow committed lover of the earth our home invited me to sit on a committee for a local environmental advocacy organization. Why not? I’m an advocate of stopping the rapid dismantling of the planet’s life-support systems, of arresting the extinction crisis, reining in climate change, […]