karla aguilar

PODCAST: Karla Aguilar, the Alamo, and How to Recover from White Supremacy

‘It takes compassion, courage, a willingness to ask tough questions to be able to continue to do the work. So when you look at the Alamo, you don’t think Davy Crockett or all this John Wayne mythology of this place. You think of the compassion and grace of those indigenous people.’


PODCAST: San Antonio’s ‘War on Birds’ Keeps Expanding

Two years ago, the City of San Antonio launched a war on the birds of Elmendorf Lake. The target was the hundreds of cattle egrets who have been roosting at this Westside ecological gem for decades. By razing the island to the ground, and dismantling possibly hundreds of nests, the assault destroyed the nesting ground for many related migratory birds. Many young were killed.

Ralph Garcia and the polar vortex in Texas

PODCAST: Ralph Garcia, the Polar Vortex, & San Antonio’s Disability Community

Deceleration · 16: Ralph Garcia, the Polar Vortex, & San Antonio’s Disabled Community “This is to CPS. This is to any energy supply company. And this message is to every mayor in the Texas region, and including the Governor, that I want to listen to this. Right now your disabled […]

Molly Wright

PODCAST: Housing Justice Hunger Striker Molly Wright Demands Your Attention

Deceleration · 15: Homelessness Advocate Molly Wright is on a Hunger Strike in San Antonio ‘When you’re homeless, you don’t have the energy to protest.’ What to do when traditional forms of protest have become ‘white noise’ for elected leaders? Marisol Cortez In 2016, a year after the last residents were […]

Podcast, San Antonio Bioregion

PODCAST: Rights of Nature Arrives in San Antonio

Deceleration · 14: Rights of Nature Movement Reaches San Antonio Marisol Cortez In Spring of 2012, at the tail end of my time teaching in Lawrence, Kansas, I had the privilege of attending the Rights of Mother Earth Conference at Haskell Indian Nations University. I’d found my way to Haskell […]

Podcast, San Antonio Bioregion

PODCAST: Fabiola Ochoa Torralba on Decolonizing Dance

Embodied research notes toward a bird movement vocabulary. Marisol Cortez I met Fabiola Ochoa Torralba years ago, helping plan the International Women’s Day march. Around San Antonio she’s known for community-embedded dance projects that use movement to draw people into a variety of issues—from migration to the preservation of public […]


PODCAST: ‘Words for Birds 2020, Poetics for Pandemics’

We are excited to present Deceleration’s first foray into DIY publishing—an avian-themed poetry zine called Words for Birds 2020: Poetics for Pandemics. Read it here … with two bonus features for our online readers. Marisol Cortez When the pandemic nixed Words for Birds, an annual workshop and reading held at […]


PODCAST: Liberty Heise on Monarchs, Marathons, Migration

Marisol Cortez As Día de los Muertos approaches – bedecking local H-E-Bs in all manner of commercialized Latinidad – another familiar ritual begins in the far northern reaches of the hemisphere. Like glacier melt rolling downhill to join with rivers and eventually oceans, a tributary of monarchs moves slowly southward […]

San Antonio's Climate Plan Podcast

VIDEO: San Antonio’s (First Draft) Climate Plan Does What?

What the plan does. What it doesn’t do. And why it matter.

march for science 2018

PODCAST: Marching for Science … and Climate Action

Saturday’s march is all about climate action in San Antonio. Standing in solidarity against violent climate denialism is an everyday challenge for the broader science community.

CAAP buildings committee members
Analysis, Podcast

PODCAST: Climate Action Planning Members Speak

With San Antonio’s first climate action plan approaching public release, contributing volunteers from local government, business, activism, and academia discuss their expectations of the San Antonio Climate Action & Adaptation Plan.

Women and children of the Carterets Islands

PODCAST: Beating 1.5 Degrees Imperative for Island States

Rising king tides, saltwater intrusion, and hunger are increasingly the stamp of global warming across islands such as the Carterets. But increasingly aggressive climate goals, such as those under development in San Antonio, Texas, are a cause for hope for the islands of the world. Greg Harman At the conclusion […]