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17: San Antonio’s ‘War on the Birds’ Keeps Expanding

A pond-side conversation with bird defender Alesia Garlock as City Parks teams descend on Woodlawn Lake.

16: Ralph Garcia, the Polar Vortex, & San Antonio’s Disability Community

A conversation with disability-rights advocate Ralph Garcia while the power was out during Winter Storm Uri.

15: Homelessness Advocate Molly Wright is on a Hunger Strike

A conversation with housing justice activist and hunger striker Molly Wright.

14: Rights of Nature Arrives in San Antonio

A conversation with Thomas Linzey and a local organizer from the Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights.

13: Fabiola Ochoa Torralba on Decolonizing Dance

A conversation with Fabiola Ochoa Torralba on Decolonizing Dance.

12: Jim LaVilla-Havelin on Words for Birds

A conversation (and reading by) Jim LaVilla-Havelin, poet and founder of Words for Birds.

11: Liberty Heise on Monarchs, Marathons, Migration

A conversation with Liberty Heise, runner, writer, and environmental educator running to raise awareness about Monarch butterflies.

10: Marching for Science … and Climate Action

A conversation with San Antonio March for Science organizer Peter Bella and Texas A&M atmospheric scientist Gunnar Schade.

09: Voices of San Antonio’s Climate Plan 

A conversation with 10 of the many volunteers behind San Antonio’s Climate Action & Adaptation Plan about their hopes and concerns as the plan advances to public release.

08: San Antonio’s Climate Commitment and the World’s Islands

A conversation with Ursula Rakova of Tulele Peisa about relocating the Carteret Islanders to higher ground on the “big island.”

07: Pocacito Takes Circular Economies ‘From Eight to Infinity’

A conversation with Charlotte Lovera (Atelier Aïno), Camille Chapuis (Ouishare), Luis Calderon (La Tabacalera de Lavapies), Mauro Gil-Fournier (estudio SIC), and Ecologic Institute’s Brendan O’Donnell and Max Gruenig.

06: Indigenous Resistance and the Global Climate Action Summit

An Alamo Sierra Club Community Conversation with Frankie Orona, executive director of the Society of Native Nations, and Juan Mancias, tribal chair of the Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas.

05: Nuclear Wastes West Texas

A ‘Toxic Tour’ stops at the Alamodome … then lunches at Pica de Gallo.

04: CAAP: Buildings as Carbon Sinks

A conversation with Bruce King.

03: Can San Antonio’s CAAP Seed a Food Revolution?

An Alamo Sierra Club Community Conversation with Mitch Hagney (LocalSprout Food Hub), Kate Jaceldo (Compost Queens), and Nadia Gaona (San Antonio Permaculture).

02: Beyond DACA: An Indigenous Understanding of Nationhood

A conversation with Tupac Enrique Acosta.

01: The Kingdom of Hawaii is Within You

A conversation with Lanny Sinkin.

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