Harman Articles

Here are a few articles written for Deceleration—many longer-form, local, and investigative in nature. Below are stories written for other publications.

Key Lessons from RMI’s Buried Energy Report to San Antonio’s Mayor

San Antonio Mayor Sat on Critical Report While Climate Responses Debated

PODCAST: Thanos Was An Ecofascist (But You Don’t Have to Be)

‘Deep in the Heart’ Doc Treads Lightly as Anti-Conservation Disinfo Ramps Up

San Antonio’s ‘Motor City’ Ambition Spells Trouble for Future Air Quality

State Regulator’s Emails Contradict City Staff Claims Over Brackenridge River Wall

San Antonio Snoozing on ‘Lights Out’ Bird Campaign

Fossil Fuels Have Swamped CPS Energy’s Rate Advisory Committee

Why We Can’t Stop Thinking About Paula Gold-Williams (And Neither Should You)

San Antonio’s Five Most ‘Energy Burdened’ Neighborhoods

National Butterfly Center Smeared by Pizzagate-Style Campaign Closing for ‘Immediate Future’

‘Gracias a Petroleo’: Fossil Fuel Ad Campaign Claims the Taco Truck

PODCAST: Ralph Garcia, the Polar Vortex, & San Antonio’s Disability Community


The Most Critical Fight Against Trump’s Border Wall You’ve Never Heard Of

The Austin Chronicle

Kelcy Warren Takes a Meeting: Standing Rock overshadows pipeline easement dispute

Standing Rock: Pipeline Protests Bring New Life to Old Struggles

The Egg & I: How an experimental treatment for major depression introduced me to the medical magnet and the return of ‘energetic’ medicine

Texas Climate News

Climate change and globalization driving tropical diseases toward Texas

Climate-forced migrations: Prospect of refugee crises concern experts

Indigenous rights: Indigenous runners’ trek promotes community, environmental restoration

Climate encyclical: Will Pope Francis inspire climate activism among Texas Catholics?

Carbon capture: San Antonio cement plant making baking soda the hard way

Tag Team: Environmentalists, property-rights advocates join forces in Texas

Slaying ‘dragons’: A psychologist’s take on communication for climate action

Stranded Costs: Can the socioeconomic solar divide be bridged?

The Guardian

What do ‘corporate values’ actually mean? An interactive dictionary

Agenda 21: a conspiracy theory puts sustainability in the crosshairs

Good robot: The upside of automation

Driverless big rigs: new technologies aim to make trucking greener and safer

SynBio: Technology is ready for synthetic foods. Are you?

Uber, Lyft, Airbnb: The sharing economy is not as open as you might think

Your brain on climate change: why the threat produces apathy, not action

Feral cats: environmental scourge or way around chemical pesticide use?

Plastics: Feds warn bag makers over misleading biodegradable claims

Ebola: Companies need to add disease to sustainability preparedness

Boeing: Investing in biofuels as detractors warn of ‘peak travel’

Nature is Speaking’: Conservation International’s awareness campaign

Refugees: Has the great climate change migration already begun?

Bijoy Jain: Sustainable architecture that builds within the limits of place

Climate change: America’s most divisive issue?

Storify: So Delicious offers ‘world’s shortest grant application’

The new climate change argument: Global warming is good for you

Plastic bag ban über alles, California? Winners and losers of a proposed ban of single-use bags

Absolving the ‘original sin’ of microfinance: Local currency comes of age

Climate refugees of the Carteret Atoll: Banking on chocolate

‘The Naked Brand’ documentary: Can advertising save the world?

Rainwater Harvesting: Dismissed by Texas voters, but embraced by business

Indian Country Today

North Dakota: Stop the War on Journalists

Texas Water Protectors: Challenge ETP CEO Kelcy Warren on His Home Tur

Standing Rock Vets: Bringing Fight to the Trans-Pecos Pipeline

Rewire Me

Beyond Doomsday

Why we feel so alone

The magnet’s promise

Techniques to improve decision-making

Depression and mindfulness

Confronting the stigma of mental illness

Yes! Magazine

‘Their Fate’: The human role in avian disease

The Daily Climate

Election 2014: Does climate change stand a chance against the oil boom?

Texas Observer

Odessa Syndrome: Living Under a Chemical Cloud

Assessing the Damage: the Galveston Bay oil spill

Goodbye to the Horny Toad? A Postcard from Kenedy, Texas

John N-G: Is the Texas State Climatologist doing his job?

Waste Land: Frio County struggles with fracking’s leftovers

Rough Water Ahead: The fight to control water rights in Texas

Environmental News Service

WILD9: Wilderness and Water Promises in the Land of the Maya

Message of Merida: Saving Wild Places Will Save the Planet

Lone Star Green

lone star green

LSG was an occasional environmental news column published in the Marfa SentinelFort Worth WeeklyFort Worth Star-TelegramSan Antonio CurrentCherokeean Herald, KETR, and elsewhere. Global Warming Driving More ‘Neglected’ Tropical Diseases Our Way; Texas Prop 6 Would Waste Billions Getting the Water Equation Right‘Wise Women’ Deliver Stories From Climate Change’s Front LinesSmall Texas Towns Learning To Police the Oil PatchPopulation Blames Excuse Our Policy FailuresSea-Level Rise: Future Storms Gather Strength While Lawmakers SleepClimate Change Denial and Lamar Smith’s Magical Unicorn RideGoodbye to the Horny Toad?Abbot’s Willful Climate Ignorance Approaches The CriminalHuman Rights, Human ResponsibilitiesPublic Lands Day shines a spotlight on our sacred YanaguanaFate of natural Texas rests on landowners and smart conservationPlacenta shampoos, BPA, and Monsanto’s genetic empireTexas Republican Party is the real extremist in the climate fightNuclear waste dump push will likely put Texas back in federal sightsPro-lifer’s war on the EPA a morally bankrupt caseTexas declares Climate Change Awareness Month as Texas cooksEndangered Species Act has kept the water flowing in South Texas and won’t stop the oil, either; ‘Clean’ coal sticks its snout under San Antonio’s tent

San Antonio Current

What the Resistance at Standing Rock Means for a World Wrapped in Pipelines

‘Clean’ Coal: Cleaning up coal in West Texas to help fuel SA and wring out the oil patch

Full Body Burden: An interview with author Kristen Iversen

Bringing Down Baby: Industrial chemicals may be behind booming autism rates, say SA researchers

Dealing Death & Drugs: A strong case for legal weed

Better Cities: Re-naturing San Antonio becomes paramount

Geothermal Now: Sologen plans to turn abandoned oil and gas wells into a profitable, clean power network

The San Antonio Seven: Still sidelined years after toxic exposures at Southwest ticketing center

Arnold Mann: Toxic mold, environmental illness, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Jeremy Rifkin: San Antonio, the European Union, and lessons for a planetary power shift

Horns of Dilemna: Will David Bamberger’s environmental image survive a foray into canned hunting?

Hang Time: Bexar County jail detainees took their lives in record numbers in 2009

Rebooting Depression: A magnetic alternative to the pharmaceutical industry

SA’s Urban Food Revolution: Food deserts in the land of obesity

nukes of hazard

El Mensaje de Mérida: Climate Change isn’t all about stuffing our collective tailpipe. Restoring oceans of wilderness is just as vital to saving the planet.

Nukes of Hazard (series)

i. Nukes mean mines: Are we digging a new toxic legacy before the last one’s filled in?

ii. Risky Business: What CPS won’t tell you about nuclear power

iii. Until the end of the world: Nuclear power stops; its poisonous wastes never do

Operation CPS: The mysterious death of a done nuclear deal

Lee’s Electric Company: CPS Energy CEO fights for this job and $600,000 paycheck

Last Chance for a Slow Dance? All the world fiddles as we near global warming’s point of no return

Intervention: San Antonio returns to its ailing Yanaguana River

Hardberger’s Mission Verde sustainability plan not impossible. PLUS: Selling Verde

Occult energy futures: Texas digging in heels on carbon, as national pressures grow. [w/ drilling rhetoric: four national energy plans.]

Hot Wired: Workers say corner-cutting and staff reductions at CPS Energy are putting San Antonio at risk.

Free Lucky! (Then What?) The battle over the San Antonio Zoo’s lone Asian elephant

Battle of the Bones: Witte’s collection of ‘archaic’ human remains represents continued genocide for some

Hill Country Militia: Grassroots homesteaders tighten ranks to fight urban encroachment (Also ran in the Austin Chronicle)

muro del odio

Muro del Odio

i. People of the Forgotten River grapple with the Border Wall

ii. Surveyor stakes and costly mistakes on La Linea

iii. Walling off the Rio Grande may hand river a death sentence

Bob Loves You: Big Oil goes into damage control

Undermining South Texas: New uranium boom affecting South Texas water, lands

CPS Must Die: Why San Antonio’s utility is not only wrong on nukes

Banging the drum for Bio-Defense: Real risks from bioterror not where you would suspect

Rockin’ J: Living under sprawl’s shadow

Global Warming hates South Texas: Climate change predictions come down to the regional level.

Houston Press

System Failure after Tropical Storm Allison

Drug trials and one dead guinea pig

Diane Wilson: An Unreasonable Woman

The Fix Is In: UTMB and prison healthcare

Tony Cantu’s war on the Epernay subdivision

Biodeisel gains traction in Houston

BFI’s ill wind sickening landfill neighbors

New Orleans Gambit

Oilmen, Peak Oil, and sour crude

Mississippi Sun-Herald

Agent Orange: Gulfport residents fear silent killer stalks them

From the Paradise in Peril series: Mississippi’s nursery estuariesPrice of run-off pollutionEnviro education making stridesStinky City no moreDispelling old industrial stereotypes

Odessa American, etc. (coming)