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Violins Over Violence: Why Creative Nonviolence Still Wins

QUITO, Ecuador—Within the first few months of the CIA-backed overthrow of Chilean socialist president Salvador Allende, an estimated 40,000 people had been detained by the military and police. General Augusto Pinochet, who seized power with the promise of “national reconstruction,” quickly oversaw the killing of thousands. Others were simply “disappeared.” […]


In Colombia, the spoilers of peace may not be the veterans of war

Symbols are the superstructure of society. Nations form and crust around creation myths. Wars are executed in pursuit of some (imagined) glorious past. Every person who lives under a flag can identify stories that have bound them to that cloth. We wrap ourselves around identity-defining symbols of a land, an […]


CTAB Dispatch: Peace means more than the absence of war

QUITO, Ecuador—In academia, the study of peace often falls inside the field of political science. For many observers and practitioners alike, the notion that politics can be described as a science may seem laughable. An artform, perhaps, in the best cases, yet an undoubtedly messy one: more Pollock than Donald […]