border wall damages

‘Member all those federal rules Chertoff trampled to get Border Wall construction on track? Water, land, animals, native graves, etc. — all shrugged off with Congressionally mandated powers granted the Homeland Security Czar under the Real ID Act.

As South Texas wall portions are going up, and residents there are still trying to muck out from recent storms, the news from the Arizona portion of the wall isn’t good.

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karl on plum

Karl Grossman tackles Plum Island (as he has dutifully since the 1970’s) in two news segments to be aired on WVVH-TV up in New York this weekend. There are some interesting facts about the proposed federal germ lab that may be on interest to San Antonians, to date the most supportive/apathetic community on Homeland Security’s short-list for the proposed National Bio- & Agro-Defense Facility.

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gatsby crowd rebels

Something about those damn Colonists huddled up on the Eastern Seaboard. Makes folks skittish living that close to the Euro Zone’s market wobbles. Or maybe it’s the acidifying Atlantic sea spray.

Whatever the cause, it’s no illusion that the further west one gets from Long Island and the Plum Island germ lab just offshore, the more exciting playing host to Homeland Security’s proposed National Bio- & Agro-Defense Facility becomes.

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bio-lab boosterousness

day after I called our local paper down on the carpet for failing to ask more challenging questions about Homeland Security’s planned bioterror research goliath, the San Antonio Express-News’ top policy-recommenderers stumped for the National Bio- & Agro-Defense Facility again — as if this increasingly competitive process were as simple of cheering for your kids’ high school football team.

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don’t flip that switch!

This is the week my second major story on CPS hit the street. When I took them on a year ago the challenge was tied to climate security concerns: The promises of decentralization and pitfalls of nuke overlooks. My split with CPS Energy plans was based on economic argument and generation-scale health and safety issues.

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