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making art out of gentrification

Flip That House: Turning Gentrification into Political Art

By Marisol Cortez and Brian Gordon Materials Disgust Brazenness Obsession Facebook Stepladder Rake Scissors Car, and probably a truck too PVC pipes and connectors PVC glue Duct tape 8 8’x4′ campaign signs FLIPPER SIGNS (50-75 is good) Box cutter blade Staple gun Staples (longest you can find) Hammer Marker Zip […]

2018 International Women's Day March, San Antonio, Texas.

VIDEO: International Women’s Day, San Antonio

Start-to-finish livestream from today’s International Women’s Day March in San Antonio, Texas. Greg Harman Deceleration was proud to march today with newly minted and seasoned activists alike in the streets of downtown San Antonio for female empowerment, LGBTQIA and immigrant rights … for straight up human rights and full liberation. […]

march against monsanto

Placenta Shampoos, BPA, and Monsanto’s Genetic Empire

DON’T FORGET TO MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO IN SAN ANTO AND AROUND THE WORLD MAY 25! — We are experimental people. By that, I don’t mean we like to tinker. Though tinker we certainly do. We’re experimental people in the way that white-coated Wistar rats are experimental rats. After hundreds of thousands […]