Flip That House: Turning Gentrification into Political Art

By Marisol Cortez and Brian Gordon Materials Disgust Brazenness Obsession Facebook Stepladder Rake Scissors Car, and probably a truck too PVC pipes and connectors PVC glue Duct tape 8 8’x4′ […]

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VIDEO: International Women’s Day, San Antonio

Start-to-finish livestream from today’s International Women’s Day March in San Antonio, Texas. Greg Harman Deceleration was proud to march today with newly minted and seasoned activists alike in the streets […]

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Placenta Shampoos, BPA, and Monsanto’s Genetic Empire

DON’T FORGET TO MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO IN SAN ANTO AND AROUND THE WORLD MAY 25! — We are experimental people. By that, I don’t mean we like to tinker. Though tinker […]

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