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Agent Orange: Major Dump of Toxic Mission, Tx-Related Docs

Consistently, one of the most trafficked pages on Deceleration is a reprint of an article I wrote about the poisoning of the people of Gulfport, Miss., by Agent Orange chemicals during and after the Vietnam War. But the story of Agent Orange, and the likely millions of human lives it […]

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Love The Bees? Meet Bayer

San Antonio showed up for this international march against Monsanto last year (including this adorable couple marching for the bees). I wonder if they will show up to meet Bayer, whose “Bee Care Tour” arrives in San Antonio on Thursday for a several-day PR stint at the Commodity Classic Convention […]

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‘March Against Monsanto’ inspires hundreds of San Antonians to protest despite widespread flooding

Despite city-wide flooding during the second wettest day in historic record, roughly 200 San Antonians congregated at the Alamo, the much-vaulted “shrine” of Texas liberty, to join an international day of protest chronicling a long list of alleged tyrannies perpetuated by food conglomerate Monsanto. “Welcome to the March on Monsanto,” […]

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Placenta Shampoos, BPA, and Monsanto’s Genetic Empire

DON’T FORGET TO MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO¬†IN SAN ANTO AND AROUND THE WORLD MAY 25! — We are experimental people. By that, I don’t mean we like to tinker. Though tinker we certainly do. We’re experimental people in the way that white-coated Wistar rats are experimental rats. After hundreds of thousands […]