karl on plum

Karl Grossman tackles Plum Island (as he has dutifully since the 1970’s) in two news segments to be aired on WVVH-TV up in New York this weekend. There are some interesting facts about the proposed federal germ lab that may be on interest to San Antonians, to date the most supportive/apathetic community on Homeland Security’s short-list for the proposed National Bio- & Agro-Defense Facility.

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gatsby crowd rebels

Something about those damn Colonists huddled up on the Eastern Seaboard. Makes folks skittish living that close to the Euro Zone’s market wobbles. Or maybe it’s the acidifying Atlantic sea spray.

Whatever the cause, it’s no illusion that the further west one gets from Long Island and the Plum Island germ lab just offshore, the more exciting playing host to Homeland Security’s proposed National Bio- & Agro-Defense Facility becomes.

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bio-lab boosterousness

day after I called our local paper down on the carpet for failing to ask more challenging questions about Homeland Security’s planned bioterror research goliath, the San Antonio Express-News’ top policy-recommenderers stumped for the National Bio- & Agro-Defense Facility again — as if this increasingly competitive process were as simple of cheering for your kids’ high school football team.

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peaky oil & damned water

In this volatile land of exploding oil & gas recovery, a new truth seeks out a blame. The reality of Peak Oil, trumpeted as the gas station marquees (before the experts even had time to line up over Hubbert’s equation), appears to be settling over us like smothering tenor.

First we attacked biofuels. Then the gas-price spike was prosperity’s child. Rarely do we hear anyone lamenting our own short-sightedness, the fact that for 40 years we collectively lambasted those who dared criticized our gluttonous domestic energy practices.

Now we are forced to reckon.

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