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Deceleration welcomes submissions from writers and media makers whose interests fall within the scope of our mission, those within and those beyond the San Antonio/South Texas bioregions. We welcome proposals for short- and long-form news articles, community op-eds, personal or creative nonfiction essays, theoretical/political analysis, calls to action, media content, and hybrid forms (documentary poetry, photoessay). To pitch us, email us at with a brief description of the piece or media you’d like to submit.

When considering whether to publish submissions, here are a few key things we look for:

  • If topic is environmental, does it explore alternatives, solutions, new approaches or ways of thinking—or does it simply catalogue problems/crises?
  • If topic is more closely related to human rights issues (racial justice, Indigenous rights, migrant rights, Black Lives Matter, anti-war/anti-militarism), does it also intersect with environmental analyses (climate justice, degrowth, buen vivir, rights of mother earth, resilience, just transition)?
  • If topic is outside intersections of environmental/justice, does it provide new and interesting ways of thinking about political praxis (theory/action)?
  • Is the piece grounded in this bioregion/watershed? Or, if grounded in other bioregions/watersheds, does it make connections to this bioregion or point to broader global or theoretical concerns?
  • Does piece offer readers a way to act?

A few technical guidelines for submissions:

  • Type “Submission” in the subject line and include as an email attachment.
  • If possible, send us a couple good (high resolution) images that can accompany your piece.
  • Include credits for any visuals and (if applicable) a caption.
  • When possible, include hyperlinks in text body so we know where to link out when formatting your piece for web.
  • To aid in verification of references, include a list of sources cited. If you interviewed someone, provide their contact info. If a website was cited, include the URL.

In submitting to Deceleration, you affirm that this submission is your own, original work. If we accept your piece, Deceleration has first publication rights, but all rights return to you after publication. If you later republish your piece elsewhere, we ask that you acknowledge original publication with Deceleration and include the link. Simultaneous submissions are fine, just let us know if your piece is accepted somewhere else, as soon as possible.

We have a very limited budget but we are working on a rate sheet now for the limited number of writers we expect to retain for longer-form feature stories in 2022. Keep an ear out.

If our mission resonates with you and you’d like to send us something, please get in touch at and tell us what you got! Questions and comments are always welcome.